Burger King introduces limited Ghost Pepper Chicken and Impossible Nuggets


Alberto Silva Fernandez

The American fast-food chain Burger King announced two new menu items including Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets and Impossible Nuggets for a limited time.

Beatriz Velazquez, Contributor

The American fast-food chain Burger King announced two new menu items including Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets and Impossible Nuggets for a limited time.  

Burger King is known for delighting their customers with delicious meals and new menu items, celebrating different holidays during the year.  

Ahead of Halloween, Burger King launched Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets, available nationwide since Monday, Oct. 11. 

The meal consists of a 4-piece or 8-piece chicken nuggets, made with white meat chicken that perfectly balance flavor and heat. The meal can be purchased in different sizes. As an entrée  the 4-piece is $1.00 and the 8-piece is $1.49. The 8-piece Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets small meal costs $3.99, the medium meal is $4.49, and the large meal is $4.99. Also, customers can add their favorite dipping sauces like BBQ, honey mustard, ranch zesty, buffalo, and sweet & sour dipping sauce, according to the Burger King website.  

Customers are able to try the limited menu item by ordering through the Burger King app. 

“I had purchased the Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets before it came out through the Burger King app. The nuggets don’t necessarily smell hot or anything like spicy, and everyone else that does spicy it’s not super spicy, but those nuggets are hot,” said George Valenzuela, a former UTEP student. “And they made these nuggets fresh, so it tastes pretty good. You can combine it with any sauce; I had chosen ranch dressing, and the taste is very delicious.” 

The breading texture is crunchy; the nuggets have a light flavor and are seasoned so that the nuggets can be eaten with or without dipping sauce. The white meat is smoked and finely ground.  

Another new item on the Burger King menu is the Impossible Nuggets, made of plant-based chicken. 

The Impossible Nuggets will not be available nationwide. This meal will only be available to customers for a limited time in Des Moines, Iowa, Boston, and Miami. 

Burger King will test Impossible Foods meals nuggets in several markets, making it the first fast-food chain to offer the company’s new chicken alternative, according to CNBC.com website.  

This is not the first time that Burger King released their Impossible Foods. Burger King also offers the Impossible Whopper, a plant-based and protein-filled patty, which was released August 2019. 

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