New entertainment editor seeks to embrace the borderland’s culture


Victoria Rivas, Arts & Culture Editor

Entertainment is part of everyone’s life. Individuals gather to build unforgettable memories through these events by sharing laughs, tears, excitement and celebrating arts and culture. 

I come from a family that likes to learn, celebrate and embrace the culture of the borderland. My parents always say El Paso is unique and beautiful and that I should always focus on embracing my roots. Therefore, as the new entertainment editor, I plan to embrace the unique and rich culture of UTEP and the El Paso community. 

Most of my college experience has consisted of virtual tours, concerts, and constant Zoom meetings. Therefore, as more activities and gatherings open for the public, I will bring UTEP students along for the ride, and hopefully make their college experience fun and unforgettable. 

As I start a new chapter in my education and career path, so is The Prospector. I’ve decided to change the entertainment section’s name to arts and culture. This change will bring an exclusive look at UTEP activities and events, represent the borderland’s culture, and highlight the artwork and performances by local and international artists. 

I thank all my mentors who have helped me throughout this journey and for always believing in my journalistic skills, integrity and ethics. 

I previously worked at The Prospector as a contributor and staff reporter, writing about the LGBTQ+ community, campus news and events, politics, culture and women’s rights. 

As I enter my new role as the entertainment editor, I would like to thank the current editor-in-chief, Julian Herrera, and former editor-in-chief, Anahy Diaz, for allowing me to lead The Prospector along their side and for mentoring me every step of the way. Without their constant support and trust, this position would not have been possible. 

UTEP’s Communication Department and The Prospector have helped me build my journalism portfolio and have granted me several opportunities and an excellent education. 

It’s my pleasure to mentor students at as the City/Multimedia editor and sharing with fellow students the skills I learned as an investigative news reporting intern at KVIA. 

As the new entertainment editor, I hope to increase student engagement, Miner’s pride and successfully mentor the future leaders of The Prospector. 

The arts and culture section will unite the UTEP and El Paso community by providing readers with complete coverage of the borderland’s lifestyle and culture. 

The section will cover events that celebrate the unique bicultural traditions of El Paso, including local artwork, exhibitions, festivities like Day of the Dead, and the rich history of the borderland. 

I plan on showcasing the talents of UTEP students and artists and present students with information about the resources that UTEP provides to build an inclusive and positive campus environment. 

The section will also feature inspiring stories of students’ success and the journeys of local people who make El Paso proud. 

I look forward to seeing students, faculty, and staff unite by picking up a copy of The Prospector’s biweekly newspaper or visiting our website to stay informed and engage in local activities. 

Victoria Rivas may be reached at [email protected]; @VicRivas_18 on Twitter.