WWE Supershow coming to El Paso


WWE Supershow is coming to El Paso on October 17 at the Don Haskins center.

Elisha Nuñez, Contributor

The WWE Supershow is making its way to UTEP’s Don Haskins Center 5 p.m., Oct. 17. This wrestling show will host all RAW and SmackDown superstars in one show.  

This wrestling show at the Don Haskins Center will be the first WWE Supershow experience. While there have been other WWE events at UTEP in the past, but none quite compare to what’s soon to come from this epic wrestling experience. 

The list of superstars consists of: Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Big E, The USOS, Drew McIntyre, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Kofi Kingston, Damian Priest, and more! Ticket prices start at $15, and UTEP students, faculty and staff  can unlock a special offer  by using the code MINERS. 

“When I was little, I really enjoyed WWE, especially with my older brother because that’s what we used to get along with. We would watch it every Monday night,” said Alejandro Salazar, a 19-year-old international business major at UTEP. “I feel like it’s a good idea. Some people who don’t want to watch it in person can watch it from the comfort of their home. People can just enjoy what they enjoy, whether they attend the show or not.” 

The WWE Supershow, originally known as Super Show-Down, is a live broadcast event only accessible through pay-per-view (PPV) at homes and the WWE Network. The event is relatively new, as it began in June 2018 as a PPV and WWE Network event for Australia, which would be the company’s first PPV and WWE Network event produced in the country. The event was titled Super Show-Down and was held in Melbourne, Victoria Oct.6, 2018.  

“I like to watch people get beaten up, so I’m excited that they’re coming here, good for them,” said Natalie Gonzalez, a 17-year-old UTEP criminal justice student. “It’s good for them and the city to come to El Paso so people who enjoy it can go see it in person.” 

In the past, there have been multiple WWE events held at UTEP. The last WWE event at the Don Haskins Center was Sept. 27, 2019, where superstars such as Sin Cara, Ricochet, Natalya. and others came to deliver a wrestling event to the community of El Paso. Sunday, Oct. 17 is a little over a two-year anniversary that the wrestling organization makes its return to UTEP. The WWE Supershow is part of a tour spanning multiple events throughout the country from New York to California, with this upcoming show taking part in that national tour. 

 “I think it’s interesting. Something that a lot of younger kids that enjoy that would go to. I probably wouldn’t be surprised to see people our age there as well,” said Brandon Leon, a 20-year-old UTEP multimedia journalism student. “It’s exciting because we don’t have a lot of these events like WWE. We’re so used to watching them on tv, you don’t really get to experience it live.” 

Tickets and information for the WWE Supershow may be found at vividseats.com.  


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