Career Expo expects more than 100 employers


Alberto Silva Fernandez

Photo by Alberto Silva Fernandez

Victoria Rivas , Staff Reporter

Graduation can be scary, especially for students seeking full-time jobs. UTEP students can connect with employers across the country and region at the annual Career Expo hosted by the University Career Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sept. 16 and 17.  

For the first time, the Career Expo will be hybrid. Students have the option of attending in-person at the Don Haskins Center Thursday, Sept. 16. Or they can attend virtually via Job Mine and schedule one-on-one appointments for Friday, Sept. 17. 

If students plan to attend the Career Expo virtually, they must schedule their appointments early to guarantee an interview. 

“It gives students the opportunity as upperclassmen to look for that full-time job that they’ve been seeking since they started school four years ago,” said Career Center Associate Director Craig Thompson “We also encourage freshmen and sophomores to start doing some career exploration and look for internships that they are interested in.” Students from all majors are encouraged to attend the event. More than 100 local and national employers are expected to participate in the Career Expo to offer students job opportunities and internships. 

“It’s very important for students to research the company that they want to work for so that they are knowledgeable candidates, and they can ask informed questions to the employers,” said Career Center Assistant Director Claudia Dominguez. 

Sarah Esparza, 24, an English and American literature student who wants to become an English high school teacher, plans to attend the Career Expo to look for potential employers after graduation. 

“I want to know who I can potentially work for, and I want to get to know those people now,” Esparza said. “So, I think it would just be a good idea for me to figure out what I want to do after graduating.” 

Other students like Ruby Santos, a bilingual education student, believe that the Career Expo is an excellent opportunity to look for internships and gain experience. 

“I think the Career Expo is a really great resource because I don’t have any experience in my field. So, it’s good to go to the expo and see the offers and try to gain experience,” Esparza said. 

Not all employers will participate on both days of the event. Students can visit the Career Center website to find an updated list of employers attending each day. 

“Students need to be prepared for an interview on the spot. They may say, ‘I really like what I see in your resume’ and take you to the side where there is a space for them to interview you,” Dominguez said. 

Thompson advises all students to dress professionally and have their resumes and elevator speeches ready before the event. 

“Students can email their resumes to us, at [email protected], and we can give them a review and give them some recommendations, and they will be ready for the event,” Thompson said. 

The Career Center will host a resume workshop Tuesday, Sept. 7. Students also have access to the career closet if they need help dressing up for an event or job interview. 

“Students sometimes don’t have the means to have professional business attire to attend the event. That’s something that we can also help them with,” Dominguez said. “We have a closet at our office, with a lot of different types of suits, sizes, and colors to help our students.” 

The Career Center will host Career Week from Monday, Sept. 6 to Wednesday, Sept. 15, including a resume and cover letter workshop, tips on finding an internship and selling professional business attire at a discount. 

“We are here to help you; just let us know how we can do that. If it’s by reviewing your resume, giving you interview tips, or by practicing an interview with you, we are here to assist you,” Dominguez said. 

Victoria Rivas may be reached at [email protected]; @VicRivas_18 on Twitter.