New Editor-in-Chief Julian Herrera aims to cultivate community discourse and increased engagement


Julian Herrera, Editor-in-Chief

I hail from a family of educators and individuals dedicated to the protection and advancement of the underrepresented and disadvantaged. As such, my perspectives about the world and my desire to facilitate culturally rich and scholarly relationships and environments are predicated on my family’s ideals of inclusion, integrity, and involvement. 

The significance of an education that not only teaches but inspires individuals to approach every topic critically and analyze objectively while contextualizing information in their own lived experiences cannot be understated. Such an education is afforded here at The University of Texas at El Paso, and thus, having The Prospector comprised of the same individuals receiving that education grants an insight and approach to stories that maintain the integrity of objective, fact-based news while integrating the voices of historically underrepresented individuals. 

My first job as a communications assistant at University Communications here at UTEP demonstrated on a grand scale the impact that members of my community had locally and at a national level, representing the influence of UTEP nurturing both the intellect and culture of its students concurrently. In my time with The Prospector, I have served both as a staff reporter and copy editor, presenting me with the opportunity to engage with my community on a more endearing and personal level. Now, as editor-in-chief, I will work to provide others with the same opportunities. 

I want to encourage civil discourse not only amongst my colleagues at the paper but promote it across campus and in the community at-large. The liberties we retain as a student publication enable us to lend our insight to not only wide-scale issues but also a variety of subjects that may otherwise be considered too personal or centralized in the borderland. 

Additionally, I do not want anyone to fear confronting or engaging with subjects that are difficult due to their controversial nature or overall complexity. These topics must be approached purely in an academic sense with evidence and corroboration by professionals and experts, but I believe by promoting the discussion of these issues, it is possible to normalize healthy social deliberation and actively create change. 

First and foremost, however, we are a student newspaper driven by the inquiries and interests of the student body. News, sports, and entertainment will be concisely delivered information relevant to Miners and alumni, but broad enough to allow for unique topics pertaining to the community and significant events at a national level. I also hope to expand the reach of our content with a revitalized emphasis on multimedia productions coordinated by Anahy Diaz, our experienced and multi-faceted previous editor-in-chief. 

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for my fellow students at The Prospector that have instilled their trust in me to provide a safe and enriching experience, and for the staff that have given me the opportunity to cultivate the necessary skills to succeed at a professional level in the future. 

I look forward to my time as EIC with great pride, dedication, and joy.