Marvel’s ‘Loki’ searches for an identity


Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Marvel Studios’ ‘Loki” exclusively on Disney+.

Victoria Rivas, Contributor

“Loki,” premiered June 9 as the third film series of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase four. 

The series streams exclusively on Disney+ and was directed by Kate Herron, best known for directing episodes of the Netflix series ‘Sex Education.’ 

The first season of “Loki” consists of six episodes that will air each Wednesday on Disney+. The series is three episodes deep and already shows promise. 

Beware of spoilers below.  

The series takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame” when Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, is arrested by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) after creating a new timeline in 2012 when he escaped with the portal-creating Tesseract. 

The first episode is a slow burn compared to the second in the series. It focuses on telling the story of the TVA and explaining why they arrested Loki. 

The TVA is tasked with protecting the Sacred Timeline created by the Timekeepers who oversee the past, present and future. They explain that if someone does something that changes the course of the timeline, they are labeled as variants. This is how Loki is described throughout the series. 

The TVA officials are responsible for capturing the variants, taking them to trial, and resetting the timeline. However, someone is kidnapping them and stealing the reset charges as they perform their jobs. 

Loki is pronounced guilty in the trial, but Agent Mobiuss portrayed by Owen Wilson, advocates for him and explains he can solve the mysterious case. 

The first two episodes focus on the identity of Loki, which is very confusing and at some point, can be boring Those familiar with the Marvel series known Loki is the King of Mischief, and know how his story ends. The episodes are very slow-paced, consisting primarily of dialogue instead of action, the series does have a lot of potential because the viewers are left wondering, “who is Loki?” 

It is expected for the beginning of the series to focus on introducing viewers to the new realm and new characters, but I believe it takes too long, and can sometimes be boring. 

The series aims to give a new perspective of Loki and make it seem like he is a good person, which is contradicting because the TVA says that no one is allowed to change their predetermined actions, otherwise it will change the course of the Sacred Timeline. . 

Loki is one of Marvel’s most interesting villains, because he is a very complex character. He is unpredictable. Loki is not always a villain, occasionally he helps the Avengers making him the anti-hero. 

Overall, I do think that the first two episodes are only trying to trick the audience, because Loki is not actually a nice person, and if they do portray him this way for the rest of the season then, what is the point of “Loki’? 

It is nice to see how Loki starts to believe in himself and gain trust from Agent Mobius, but it will not be surprising if he only helps the TVA to save himself.  

His actions raise the question: is Loki the King of Mischief, a hero? A villain? Or both? “Loki” represents a new era for Marvel. “Wanda Vision” was a remarkable success, and “Loki” could follow. 

We will just have to continue watching and see how the series unfolds. 

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