UTEP alumnus publishes two books


Photo courtesy of Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz is a UTEP alumnus, author of ‘Love and Wine’ and ‘In the Books.’

Heriberto Perez, Staff Reporter

Alex Diaz is a UTEP alumnus who is now the published author of two books: “Love and Wine” and “In the Books.” His journey to becoming an author wasn’t the typical path. It started with Diaz studying business.

“That’s what my dad wanted me to study. I asked myself if I really liked the business and the truth is that I didn’t,” Diaz said.

In questioning his passions, Diaz figured out that reading and writing are what he enjoyed most. He then decided that he would write a book.

Diaz graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and would later teach in Soccoro Independent school district in 2018.

Teaching played a critical role in Alex’s life and career. As a middle school teacher, he didn’t have the time to write his books. Diaz had to choose to pursue what he loved or what others wanted for him. He discussed his decision with his students.

“I told my students that I was thinking about quitting my job to be a writer and I was surprised because they were so supportive,” Diaz said. “Th at was the starting factor for me to becoming a writer.”

In 2019, Diaz returned to UTEP and enrolled in an master’s in English rhetoric and writing studies. He also worked at the University’s writing center at the library.

Diaz says the writing center was a vital element for his writing and fi nishing his books because he got help to edit both of his books.

“I would want to give a big shoutout to the UTEP’s creative writing center because it helped me so much as a writer. It helped me so much to help others and everybody there is so helpful, so brilliant, and so kind,” Diaz said.

Alex’s book “Love and Wine,” is about romance, love, and everything is positive. Alex didn’t wanted to write or add anything dark along the lines of the book.

The second book is called “In the Books.” It centers around what a young person can learn about life, homosexuality, non-religious faith and everything that life has taught Diaz throughout his 25 years. Diaz describes this book as poetry, but overall a story.

“I tried my best to express my mind and write these books. ‘In the Books’ is more like the representation of my mind and ‘Love and Wine’ is the representation of my heart,” Diaz said.

Future projects for Diaz include writing a screenplay. It’s something that he mentions he was introduced to in college, and he would like to write one sometime in his career.

In the short term, Diaz would like to have his books in bookstores like Barnes and Noble, but for now, he is selling through Amazon. Diaz would also like to finish his Ph.D. in Literature.

For the moment, Alex has been working on the marketing for his books. It is a long process and requires most of his time, so he has paused his MA studies, but he promised his family that he would complete his master’s degree in the near future.

Though his journey to becoming an author has been unique, Diaz accredits his success in a constant belief in his passions.

“It really took me a long time to finally publish something, but I am extremely proud,” Diaz’s books can be found here and here.

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