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The Prospector helped shape my inner self


I was unsure to apply to The Prospector two years ago because I thought I needed experience to be there. I looked at the opportunity as something far away from my abilities. And when I got there, I learned I could do anything through hard work and determination.

I have a special love for everyone who helped me become who I am today, and I will be eternally grateful.

Working with every single student and putting effort on each story I wrote and each picture I took reflects who I am today. I have grown as a person in an unimaginable way.

I began as a contributor, and I was super shy on the first meeting, but former Editor-in-Chief Valeria, helped me gain the confidence that I needed to be the journalist I am today. I really believe she left a legacy behind, as a leader and human being.

I am thankful for Professor Eraldo Chiecchi because he made me fall in love with photography, more than I was before, to the level that I once woke up at 4 a.m. just to capture the sunrise alongside my peers. That is an experience I will never forget, and I am pretty sure I will do it again.

Thanks to him, I was able to capture the essence of stories and special moments in a photo. I am grateful for Claudia, former photo editor at The Prospector, because she thought me a lot about patience and gave me the opportunity to expand my skills as a photographer.

I am thankful for Professor Kate Gannon too, because she helped me a lot to shape my future. I took more than two classes with her, and she advised me several times. Thanks to her too, I know who I want to become one day.

Even though half of my time at The Prospector was online because of COVID-19, I was able to learn even more about myself.

This last semester was challenging for me because I did not know much about being a web editor, but Tracy, Vero, Anahy and Sol, were there for me to answer any questions. This opportunity made me realize another route of my career that I have never experienced before and noticed that I equally love it.

Working with the Minero Magazine team also made me grow as a journalist and helped me explore my roots, giving me the opportunity to write in Spanish, which was something I had never done before.

Thank you, Maria, the Editor-in-Chief for Minero Magazine, for believing in me as a journalist, friend, and human being.

Thank you, Anahy (Boss), for your trust and everything you have taught me, for your patience and love for what you do. You and Maria are my role models as women and journalists.

Being part of this team helped open doors for me and gave me opportunities I did not know I could gain. I experienced the real world a little more before graduation and realized it does not compare to what we see in class.

Thank you, Prospector, for being an eye opener. I am eternally grateful for your trust and giving me this opportunity. You guys really changed my life.

Maria Salette Ontiveros may be reached at [email protected]; @salette2098 on Twitter.

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About the Contributor
Maria Salette Ontiveros
Maria Salette Ontiveros is a Graduate Student in The University of Texas at El Paso mastering in Arts of Communication. She contributes at The Prospector as a photographer. She has a Multimedia Journalism Degree with a minor in Creative Writing. She hopes to become a social media manager or join the field of broadcast  covering news,  entertainment, and sports. She plays professional basketball in Ciudad Juarez and likes to play volleyball as a hobby.
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The Prospector helped shape my inner self