My last piece for The Prospector


Heriberto Perez, Staff Reporter

I am a faithful believer everything happens for a reason. Some people believe destiny does not exist, but I believe it can be built.

Nearly five years ago, I graduated from high school in Ciudad Juárez and took my next step and enroll in EPCC. I entered with fear and nerves.

Once I attended UTEP’s journalism core courses and met people more prepared, knowledgeable, and experienced than me, I was even more afraid to take the next step.

This fear rose in me because I thought I was late on knowing what I wanted to do in my life.

Nevertheless, I decided to begin adjusting my life on a path to grow my confidence.

Once I entered COMM 2310 with Professor María de Los Angeles Flores, Ph.D., she invited me to work on a research project she does every year with students. Although hesitant at first, now I realize accepting her proposal was one of the best decisions I have made during my time at UTEP.

I am grateful to Flores for being one of the first people who believed in me and helped develop my career, as she was also one of the various people who pointed me to the direction of The Prospector.

Professors Kate Gannon, Zita Arocha, Dino Chiecchi and Corrie Boudreaux, as well as former Editor-In-Chief Valeria Olivares, gave me advice to start at The Prospector.

I remember when I went to the Student Media and Publications office and gave my resume to director Veronica Gonzalez, I was nervous and scared because I thought I would not receive the opportunity since my work experience was summarized to being a waiter at Super Salad.

A few days after applying, I received a text message from sports editor Michael Cuviello asking me if I was still interested in working as a sports reporter. I said yes.

I thank all the people I met here since I do not remember one that has not served as an example or has helped me become the person I am today.

I am also grateful to professors Angela Kocherga and Gannon who I recognize as some of my main mentors, along with Tracy Roy.

At the same time, I would like to thank Marisol, who has been one of my main support systems, not only in classes or at the Prospy but also in life. I am proud to call her a friend.

To Mike, thank you for being one of my role models in sports journalism. The work you do and the effort you make is to be admired; it has helped me become a better person.

I would also like to thank Isaiah for helping me improve as a journalist, Maria from Minero Magazine for believing in me and for giving me the opportunities to grow. Anahy, Tracy, Salette, Vero, Vicky, Isabel, Crystal and the entire Prospector family, I appreciate you for welcoming me and helping me, even though my stay with you was not very long.

I feel more prepared thanks to this team, above all, I feel confident in myself and what I can achieve.

I am grateful to my family, especially my parents, Anayensi Lara and Heriberto Perez, because I wouldn’t be the person I’ve been along this path if it weren’t for them.

Thanks to my grandparents. All the effort I make is for you, Anita (my grandmother), to be proud of the person I have become.

And finally, thanks to my biggest role model, my uncle Reynaldo Lara. Thanks to him, I knew I wanted to study journalism. Thanks to the support and help he has given me, I have stood firm to achieve what I once told him I would achieve, which is to be in the sports journalism industry. There is not a day that goes by where he he does not ask me how I am doing, what I am doing and how I can improve as a professional.

I know one day I will get to where I want to be and once I am there, I will remember it was thanks to the support and teachings The Prospector gave me.

Thank you to the Prospy family, UTEP, and the people who surround me. I hope to see you succeed and find you throughout this career.

Heriberto Perez may be reached at [email protected]; @heriperezlara on Twitter.