Farewell, The Prospector, and thank you, UTEP


Victoria Almaguer, Contributor

After many sleepless nights and a stressful year filled with uncertainties, it feels surreal my last college semester is finally here. The feeling of seeing the end of the line feels bittersweet, but I am excited for the journey that lies ahead.

As a transfer student from EPCC, I was nervous to start my journey at UTEP. During my orientation I was in awe of the university’s big buildings and the space the campus had. It felt like a small city within the city. Coming from Socorro, roughly a 30-min ride, I enjoyed the time to sing my lungs out and de-stress.

Still, I was not prepared to face a big campus. I remember the feeling of being engulfed by the mass of people as I made my way from the Cotton to Liberal Arts building. The urgency we all felt to go to our destinations under the warm sun. It all became a wonderful memory that I could not experience once again due to COVID-19, but I will keep it close to me.

I got to experience wonderful things thanks to my professors in the communication department, especially Professor Kate Gannon. She pushed me to try my hardest and inspired me in so many ways. I will always be grateful for her advice and jokes. Always the best jokes. Also, to reporter Mallory Falk, who worked with us in our research course. Thank you for always listening and being a great role model as to who I want to become.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the KTEP staff. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to work at the station. My big thanks to Dee Woo, whom I randomly met on the trolley on my way to my old job. Thanks to Sam Cassiano for your marvelous jokes. And to Paul, Alex, Maria and Seth, thank you for your continuous help. I would have been lost without you all.

Thank you to the Student Media and Publications staff. Working at The Prospector made the office my safe haven. Walking from class to the office to find everyone working or having lunch, has no comparison.

I will miss every single one of you. From Tracy, Vero, Isabel, and Crystal to Anahy, Claudia, Sol, Michael, Valeria, Isaiah, Mena, Exodis, Hugo, Teddy and the new contributors. It has been a pleasure to get know you as coworkers and students and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us.

Lastly, I would like to thank my friends, family and coworkers, who have always supported me during troublesome times. Working two part-time jobs while in school is no fun but graduating makes it all worth it.

This pandemic might have stolen memories we were yet to have made but I am lucky enough to graduate in person with my two best friends and family by my side. Without UTEP I would have not been able to meet my best friends Glenda and Paulina. God knows what I’d do without you and our late nights at Eloise. You both have given me memories and a friendship I know will continue beyond college. I owe so much to this institution and hope new students get to experience and make even more memories, just as I have.

Thank you, UTEP.

Victoria Almaguer may be reached at [email protected]; @vitoriaalmagu9 on Twitter.