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Crystals and spirituality helped me heal

Noelia Gonzalez

I’ve been attracted to crystals since I was a little kid. When I used to go to Mesilla, New Mexico, I would try to collect all the crystals they had in the shops. I never truly understood why I felt so attracted to these shiny rocks, until Summer of 2017. 

That summer, in Denver, my spiritual journey began when I finally understood the value of crystals and how they have affected my entire life. My cousin, Ronnie, took me to a crystal shop to show me tarot cards and raw crystals. I was so invested in discovering myself and all the different properties each crystals frequency had that I lost myself in the process. 

From that day on, I felt I had transformed myself. Maybe it was the metaphysical properties that crystals carry, or it was all in the brain, but my mentality changed and so did my perception towards life in general. I felt like I was a different person coming back home to El Paso. 

This is what many people would call an “awakening. I started to research different religions and concepts of why we exist and what our true purpose in life really is. I started to explore the concepts of reincarnation and past lives, but what I was really fascinated by was crystals, chakras, and meditation. 

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in different Eastern religions. Crystals are also used for Chakra healing. Chakras are closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland as spinning vortices of energy that are part of our subtle energy system. This system forms the basis of an ancient Indian approach to healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. 

According to The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz SimpsonThe origins of the sevenfold chakra system…is buried in the roots of Hindu Culture. The earliest mention of the term “Chakra” is said to come from Vedas, the four holy books of the Hindus believed to date back before 2,500 B.C.” 

Chakra healing is based on the belief that in order to reach total well-being,  we must act as an integrated whole.  

According to Simpson, there are seven main chakras.  

The first is the root chakra or Muladhara, located at the base of your spine. It is symbolized by red and is associated with the skeletal structure. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are hematitetiger’s eye and bloodstone. If this chakra is ungrounded you may feel “emotionally needy, low self-esteem, self-destructive behavior and fearful. To balance yourself you may want to meditate with the suggested crystals while connecting to the Earth. 

The second is the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana located at the lower abdomen. It is symbolized by the color orange and is associated with the sex organs, bladder, prostate, and womb. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are citrine, carnelian, and golden topaz. If this chakra is unbalanced you may feel, “over-sensitive, hard on yourself, feel guilty for no reason, frigid or impotent. To balance yourself you must find pleasure in life’s activities and embrace the changes that are necessary. 

The third is the solar plexus or Manipuralocated in between the navel and base of sternumIt is symbolized by yellow and is associated with the digestive system and muscles. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are aventurine quartz, sunstone, yellow citrine, and calcite. If this chakra is unbalanced you may feel, “overly concerned with what others think, fearful of being alone, insecure, and needs constant reassurance.” To balance yourself you must have self-acceptance, self-respect and learn the ability to take risks in the knowledge that you can handle any situation with which you are faced.

The  fourth is the Heart Chakra or Anahata located in the center of the chest. Its symbolized by green and is associated with the heart, chest, lungs, and the circulation system. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are watermelon tourmaline, rose quartz, and emerald. If this chakra is unbalanced you may feel, “fear of rejection, loving too much, unworthy to receive love, and self-pitying”. To balance yourself you must be aware of the opportunities for growth and development that come from forming loving relationships with others.  

The fifth is the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha, it is located centrally at the base of the neck. It is symbolized by blue and is associated with the mouth, throat and earsIt has everything having to do with communication and self-expression. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are lapis lazuliturquoise, and aquamarineIf this chakra is unbalanced you may feel you’re, “holding back from self-expression, unreliable, arrogant, or holding inconsistent views.” To balance yourself you must express your emotions and communicate your truth to yourself and others.  

The sixth is the third eye or Ajnalocated above and between the eyebrows. It is symbolized by the color indigo and it is associated with the eyes and base of the skull. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are amethystfluorite, azurite. If this chakra is unbalanced you may feel, “undisciplined, fear of success, set sights too low”. To balance yourself you must open yourself to your personal intuition and internal wisdom. 

The  seventh and final chakra is the Crown or Sahasrara located at the top of your head. It is symbolized by the color’s violetgold and white and it is associated with the upper skull, cerebral cortex, and skin. The crystals that correspond to this chakra are amethystclear quartz and herkimer diamond. If this chakra is unbalanced you may feel, “constantly exhausted, can’t make decisions, and no sense of belonging.” To balance yourself you must expand your horizons, expand your consciousnesses and have a more fulfilled, joyous and healthy live, bringing a new spiritual perspective. 

Chakra balancing is usually combined with other alternative therapies, since holistic approaches require an understanding of the chakras for healing, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self. Crystals can be used to assist these types of approaches through aromatherapyreikireflexology and even astrology. 

The need for balance in your consciousness will open a new way of understanding yourself better. 

Noelia Gonzalez may be reached at [email protected] @OfficialNoeliaG on Twitter. 

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About the Contributor
Noelia Gonzalez
Noelia Gonzalez is a Senior, Double Majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Digital Media Production at the University of Texas at El Paso. She works as the Multimedia Reporter for the University's newspaper, The Prospector. She has interned at KTSM Channel 9 and KVIA ABC-7, pitching stories and helping reporters write and edit their stories for air. She enjoys editing and producing videos and hopes to incorporate her love of film, music, and news-reporting in her future endeavors.
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  • B

    Barbara KennedyMay 19, 2024 at 1:04 PM

    What a fantastic read, Noelia! Your journey with crystals and spirituality is truly inspiring. I loved how you shared your transformation and the way crystals helped shape your spiritual awakening. The detailed breakdown of chakras and their corresponding crystals was particularly enlightening. I’m curious, do you have a favorite crystal or chakra that you feel the most connected to? Also, I stumbled upon a great page on Emoche about healing crystals that you might find interesting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! 🌟

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Crystals and spirituality helped me heal