Sunny Folds El Paso Thrift encourages up-cycling


Jasmin Campoya

Sunny Folds Thrift is an online thrift store on Instagram in El Paso. It is ran by a young woman named Mimi, along with the help of her husband.

Alyson Rodriguez, Contributor

Thrift shops have become popular in recent years. It not only helps local businesses, but it also helps the environment. According to experts, by buying recycled clothes, shoppers reduce waste in landfills. Mimi, a UTEP senior majoring in education, started her own online thrift shop in November 2020 called “Sunny Folds El Paso Thrift.” She was inspired to create her store because of her love for upcycling.

“I tend to hoard things that I am emotionally attached to, but I know that I need to let go. Sunny Folds has helped me part ways with clothing items and other objects in order to make room for new things or to clear up my living space,” Mimi said. “I also know some things that I have that I want to get rid of can be useful to other people for them to upcycle.”

Sunny Folds El Paso Thrift sells all sorts of items. There’s clothing in all different styles and sizes, even for children. The price of items ranges between $1 and $55. There are more luxurious, vintage items, but customers usually buy the trendy clothing items.

Mimi not only has to deal with the challenges the pandemic brings, but she also competes with larger and more well-known thrift shops.

“In all honesty, I try not to worry about what everyone else is doing. I’m happy doing trial and error and learning from my mistakes or ideas that didn’t work out so well,” Mimi said. “If I had the money to open a storefront, I would do it in a heartbeat just because I enjoy what I do.”

Mimi’s small business is growing and gaining more customers from each social media post. She recently just shipped a couple of clothing items to New York.

For now, Mimi runs her store virtually from her own home and only takes online payments. A potential customer interested in purchasing an item from Sunny Folds can look on the company’s Instagram. There, one can find items posted for sale along with a picture of the item, the size, and the price. When shoppers find something they like they can direct message the account.

Those interested can find out more about Sunny Folds El Paso Thrift or purchase items on its Instagram at @sunnyfoldsthrift.

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