Bernie Sanders memes flood the internet.


Victoria Almaguer, Contributor

January’s Presidential inauguration was one of the most  important events following the divisive 2020 election. Bidens inauguration featured performances from Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, a powerful poetry reading by Amanda Gorman, a reunion with the Obamas and a historic first: the country’s first black female Vice President being sworn in.  No matter how memorable the event was, nothing took the show away like Senator Bernie Sanders. 

 Those that watched the inauguration saw Senator Sanders bundled up while reclining in a chair. The image took the internet by storm because of the variety of scenarios Bernie was able to fit into.  

 In an interview with Seth Meyers, Sanders states he was just trying to stay warm and pay attention to the inauguration. 

 This isn’t the first time Sanders has gone viral. During the 2016 election, the “I am once again asking you” meme and the “Bernie or Hillary” went viral.   Elections have provided the entertainment that we didn’t know we needed. Some of 2020’s most memorable moments included past Vice President Mike Pence’s fly on his head, Kamala Harris’ “I’m speaking” and Biden’s “Will you shut up man?”  

Sanders used the attention from the meme to sell merchandise on his campaign storeSales generated $1.8 million for charities in Vermont that focus on hunger relief and other social issues, according to a CNarticle 

 According to an article from the Washington Post the 2016 election was “the most meme-ed election in the history”, but this 2020 election and inauguration is not far offMeme culture in politics has become a trend where people engage and express their feelings towards candidates and certain political events. 

 From being photoshopped into paintings and movie clips, here a few staff favorites that made us giggle.  

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