From nurse to hospital CEO: Allie Trimble-Lozano tells her story of success


Photo courtesy of Allie Trimble-Lozano

Allie Trimble-Lozano is currently the Chief Executive Officer of The Hospitals of Providence Horizon and Northeast Campuses.

Isaiah Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Climbing the ladder of success within a career is easier said than done and takes effort and commitment. For Allie Trimble-Lozano, a native El Pasoan, UTEP alumna and a hospital campus CEO, being a recipient of UTEP’s Golden Nugget Award is testament to her journey of success.

The UTEP Golden Nugget Award is awarded to UTEP alumni who give back to their communities and alma mater, excel at their professions and serve as an inspiration for future generations of Miners. One recipient is selected from each college or school at UTEP.

“I think receiving an award like that is very humbling and to be recognized for making a difference and my desire to continue to give back is very flattering,” Trimble-Lozano said.

“If you had told me in 2002 when I graduated from nursing at UTEP that I would be a hospital CEO, I would have laughed because that was not what I had planned.”

Trimble-Lozano is currently the CEO of The Hospitals of Providence Horizon and Northeast campuses. Her decision to attend UTEP’s School of Nursing was formulated by established relationships with professors at the nursing school such as Diana Monsivais and her close connection with her family and the appealing medical field in the Sun City.

Once she graduated from UTEP in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing, her career began as a critical nurse at various hospitals in El Paso. Trimble-Lozano then worked as critical care nurse and then went on to earn a certification in interventional radiology which she describes as the steppingstones of her path towards becoming a CEO.

“Through working in the radiology department at one of the facilities, I really learned more about the operational side and that ended up launching me in a different direction in my career,” Trimble-Lozano said. “I feel in love with the path of operations and the behind the scenes and we can do as a hospital administration to take any barriers from the front-line staff to provide the best care for patients.”

She has successfully led the development and operation of three neighborhood hospitals in Horizon City and in Northeast and East El Paso, along with eight health care facilities in San Antonio, Texas. The Horizon City campus of the Hospitals of Providence opened Aug. 6, 2017 and the entire hiring process was evaluated by Trimble-Lozano where she made critical hiring decisions for the medical facility.

Her experience as a nurse involved being in the trenches of patient care which she said gives her an important perspective as a hospital CEO because it allows her to handle the operational facets such as finances and the staff flow of her campuses effectively.

“Now that I get to sit in at the board room, I don’t just have an administrator perspective, but I also have the background as a clinician and I can speak from both directions,” Trimble-Lozano said.

Throughout the pandemic, Trimble-Lozano’s campuses have been striving to provide exceptional patient care and keep everyday operations as usual with the implemented policies of masking patients and staff.

The campus has evolved in that it accommodates patients to virtually talk to their families since restrictions are in place on capacity in the facility.

Moving forward, Trimble-Lozano’s career path includes maintaining her desire to provide vital leadership to her staff and those around her while enjoying the time she spends with her family and friends in El Paso.

“I have been very blessed and the team I have put together here is truly phenomenal and I am very happy where I am and for me its continuing to learn and grow relationships,” Trimble-Lozano said.

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