In Review: Twilight Saga’s ‘Midnight Sun’ is perfect for spooky season


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Midnight Sun is a 2020 companion novel to the 2005 book Twilight by author Stephenie Meyer.

Victoria Almaguer, Contributor

Fifteen years ago, we were introduced to the global phenomenon of “The Twilight Saga. The book series, comprising of four novels written by Stephenie Meyer, sold over 100 million copies in the late 2000’s.  

The novels follow Bella Swan, a high school student who moves to a small town in Washington. There, Bella meets Edward Cullen, a handsome and mysterious teen that is soon revealed to be a vampire. Bella and Edward’s romance is the center of the plot, as they face the deadly threats of hostile vampires who are not fond of their relationship. 

The novels were turned into five movie adaptations catapulting Meyer and the three leading actors, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner into overnight world fame.  

Now, eight years after the last movie,The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” was released, Meyer came back this year releasing the highly anticipated novel “Midnight Sun” in its totality.  

Avid fans, like myself, have waited for this moment for twelve years. As a huge fan of the books and movies, I still remember when news of the “Edward’s version of Twilight” book was being written. Even more so, when leaked paragraphs of the book came out. Meyerat that time, decided not to continue with the book, which was tragic in my opinion. Luckily, the tragedy ended this year with its release. 

It comes in perfect timing as many people are staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic. After being released on Aug. 4, the book sold one million copies during the first week. There are no words to describe the emotions I felt as I held my very own hardcover of the 627page novel in my hands. It felt like I finally had the closure we all deserved years ago. Being that the book is Edward’s point of view of the first novel, “Twilight”, you would think that it is the same story, but it shows a side of Edward the audience hasn’t seen before.  

“Midnight Sun” is slightly different from Twilight. Not only do you get to read about Edward’s thoughts on Bella, but readers also get a closer look at the Cullen family. Paragraph after paragraph, one is given more thana glimpse of Edwards thoughts now fans are also able to explore Edward’s mind-reading ability. His deepest thoughts are the constant dilemma he has between loving Bella but also wanting to kill her due to his thirst for blood. He hates himself for trespassing Bellas privacy, but Edwards creepy tendencies are excused for the love that he has for her and wanting to protect her.  

Throughout the book Edward’s gift of telepathy gives us a glimpse of what different characters are thinking. Edward’s own thoughts aim to have people hate him, but one just ends up loving him even more. Bella becomes a beacon of light through his dark life, and you begin to understand that his decisions and actions, as hurtful as they may be, are with the intent to protect Bella. Edward paints Bella in a new way that is different from the Bella readers were introduced to in the beginning.  

If you already loved Edward, you might find an even more charming and compelling character in “Midnight Sun. People say, “there are two sides to every story,” and it’s an amazing experience to be able to read Edward’s side of his never-ending story with Bella.  

Team Edward will be happy with this book and the fact that Meyer stuck to its origin. Dedicating the book to fans, Meyer has announced her plans to release three more books, but the audience still doesn’t know if they will all be through Edwards perspective. Maybe a Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black story? Although we are still in the dark, we cannot be more excited for the continuation of this series. I give “Midnight Sun” four out of five picks. With “spooky season happening now, along with the arrival of the Twilight films on Amazon Prime, Midnight Sun is a recommended book that you will want to sink your teeth in. 

Victoria Almaguer may be reached at [email protected]; @victoriaalmagu9 on Twitter.