Take advantage of your student status and save money


Illustration by Hugo Hinojosa.

Alyson Rodriguez , Contributor

Attending university is a great experience for many young adults. From homecoming football games, to joining clubs and organizations, a college student has access to various opportunities and life experiences. However, often, college students find money to be an impediment to all of this. Here are some ways college and university students can stretch their money and save.  

There are so many expenses that students must pay for collegelike tuition, books, meal plans, just to name a few. Since students’ expenses are high, many are left with little to no money for personal expenses. Thankfully there are locally owned and national chains that offer student discounts.  

Along with saving, who doesn’t love pizza? Ardovino’s Pizza and The Pizza Joint offer student discounts in the El Paso area. 

At Ardovino’s Pizza, they offer allday student specials for dinein and takeout. You can enjoy a single traditional small topping pizza for $5, plus four mini calzones. This is valid with a current student ID and is limited to one customer per visit.  

The Pizza Joint offers a 10% discount on any order if you show a valid student ID There’s a wide variety of delicious food to choose from, including pizza, wings, salads and desserts.  

Many large corporations offer deals for university students. These deals include discounts on purchases or free products, that can help college students across the country save lots of money. Some of these companies include Best Buy, Walmart, Apple, and Amazon.  

At Best Buy students can save money on laptops, appliances, phones and more, after creating a Best Buy account and signing up for student deals. Some perks are one-hour curb side pickup, free next day delivery on an assortment of items, and flexible financing options.  

Walmart offers multiple products for students at discounted prices, such as school supplies, electronics and appliances. There’s an entire section dedicated to college savings on the Walmart website, where prices can range from $15 to $250. There are also coupons that can be applied to purchases. 

On Amazon you can get six months of free two-day shipping, free photo storage, and unlimited instant movie and music streaming. After the six-month trial you can upgrade to Amazon Prime for 50% off. Kindle unlimited for two months is offered as well at $20, all one must do is make an account using their university email. 

Apple offers students $200 off new Mac laptops and $20 off new iPads. Customers can also get a free pair of Air Pods with their purchase of a Mac or iPad and save 20% on Apple care, but the student must first show proof of enrollment. 

There are some clothing stores that offer a student discount as well. These stores include Banana Republic, Dickies, Goodwill and Vineyard Vines 

At Banana Republic, students can get 15% off in store, regular priced merchandise, when they show a student ID. Dickies offers 10% off the total purchase when one creates an account with their university email. Every Thursday at Goodwill, with a student ID, students can get a 10%off discountVineyard Vines offers college and graduate students 15% off when they register with their student email.  

There are all sorts of deals out there to help college students make expenses more barrable and make a student’s dollar stretch a mile. All the deals and discounts mentioned will help make your student dollar stretch a mile. 

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