Terry Scholar: Matthew Gardea


Courtesty of Matthew Gardea

Matthew Gardea it one of the winners of the Terry Scholarship. Photo courtesy of Mathew Gardea

Paulina Astrid Spencer, Entertainment Editor

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is welcoming nine incoming freshmen that will receive the Terry Scholarship this upcoming fall. Terry Scholars represent the brightest students, academically, as well as the most promising and community-involved individuals. 

Among this year’s recipients is Horizon High School’s, Matthew Gardea. 

The Terry Foundation provides recipients with assistance to cover tuition, books, fees and reasonable living expenses on campus. 

Gardea serves as his debate team’s president, qualifying at state in congressional debate, as well as being part of Horizon High’s marching band, where he plays the saxophone. 

Being from the small town of Tornillo, Texas, Gardea did not take his opportunities at Horizon High School lightly, he welcomed them and made the most of his experiences. 

“Coming to a district that really provided me with a lot of opportunities that I didn’t have available in Tornillo taught me to be extremely involved at my high school,” said Gardea. 

Gardea, like many other Terry Scholars, has impeccable academic achievements and ranks No. 3 out of 350 students in his graduating class. 

Gardea plans to pursue a degree in business administration and accounting at UTEP starting this upcoming fall and hopes to continue his education by attending law school. 

“I really want to do something along the lines of consumer finance just to really, mash the two degrees together,” said Gardea. “You’re helping the community, but you are also doing it in a way that deals with finance and accounting and tax law.” 

Gardea is excited to start his college career and to be surrounded by like-minded people who share his passion for education. 

“I’m excited to be in a learning environment where I’m surrounded by students that have the same common goal of pursuing higher education,” said Gardea. 

He encourages high school students, especially those who come from low-income communities, to work hard and focus on their academics and apply for the Terry Scholarship. 

“My advice for students applying to the Terry Scholarship is to get that experience, volunteer experience,” said Gardea. “You have to keep up with your academics and keep in mind it’s a full-ride scholarship. The whole purpose of the scholarship is to give you that opportunity.” 

Gardea plans to join the Student Government Association and run for office as well as joining the UTEP Debate Team.  

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