New Student Government Association officers sworn in via Facebook Live


Courtesy of Facebook Live

Newly elected officers of SGA Dominic Kelly, Jessica Martinez and Austin Stephens are sworn in via Facebook live Tuesday, May 26.

Michael Cuviello, Editor, in chief

On Tuesday, the University of Texas at El Paso swore in the 28 members of the 2020-2021 Student Government Association remotely through Facebook Live. Traditionally, SGA members are sworn in a ceremony conducted at the historic Hoover House, which is residence to UTEP’s president. Still, due to COVID-19, the ceremony had to be switched to an online event. 

UTEP President Heather Wilson spoke to the incoming SGA members and welcomed them to the challenge ahead of them.  

“It is a challenging time for you all as leaders and I have watched many of you rise to this challenge. I look forward to working with you over this year as we meet more challenges together, she said.  

Wilson spoke about the importance of stewarding relationships. 

Relationships you develop here will serve you a lifetime,” Wilson said. “I look forward to working with all of you over the next year and getting to know you better…listening to you. Having you help me stay more connected to the students we are all serving.” 

Assistant Dean of Students and SGA advisor Matt Crouse then led various groups of newly elected SGA officers through the swearing in processThe first group sworn in were SGA vice presidents Dominic Kelly and Austin Stephens and SGA President Jessica Martinez. All senators were sworn in with groups divided into eight college senators and the 17 atlarge senators. 

Newly elected SGA President Jessica Martinez addressed her fellow SGA members with closing remarks.  

“Each of us brings a unique purpose to this organization,” Martinez said. “We all have a passion that we want to share with the student body…  We are here united as one SGA to do it as a team. Our unity will help the student body reach their peakThank you for believing in us and in our visionsThe student body is our priority and we will do anything in our capacities to ensure that you have the absolute best college experience. We have moved, we have risen and now we will get to the peak. I am humbled and thrilled to serve as your president. 

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