‘Beastars’: An action-packed anthropomorphic take on reality

Victoria Almaguer, Contributor

Beastars is an action-packed anime series about an anthropomorphic civilization of humanoid carnivore, herbivore and omnivore creatures who yearn for a sense of identity. 

Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, Beastars  focuses on the drama club students at Cherryton Academy where the story evolves  

Many of the characters become memorable throughout the seriesThe insecurity of being a predator or prey is a constant theme seen in all characters. In defining who they are in society and as a “person”, these characters go through various obstacles throughout the series that help them answer those questions.   

After a murder in school that disrupts the peacethe tables turn, and the carnivores are now at the epicenter of bullying. This shift brings chaos to a social ecosystem that was programmed to provide a habitual place for both species.  

Being the only place where carnivores and herbivores coincide with one another, the drama club holda deep meaning as all eyes are on  the characters that show us their own teenage frustrations  and  belonging to a certain category in the animal kingdom.   

Our main character Legosi , a timid grey wolf, shows discomfort with his predator instincts and his struggle to define his feelings toward dwarf rabbit Haru. Being a dwarf rabbit who has always been viewed with pity and as fragile, Haru finds in Legosi a rare friendship that can clearly ead to death.  

Their relationship starts as Legosi embraces his wolf instincts and bites Haru in an unexpected turn  of events. Not knowing that Legosi was to blame for that act, Haru welcomes him in later episodes to form a relationship. In almost every episode, Legosi questions if the feelings that Haru is growing are really a form of love or just a predatory desire. As they continue to rely on each other emotionally, Legosi realizes he needs to control the desire to eat HaruMeanwhile, Haru realizes that she can fully trust others with open arms.   

As opposed to Disney’s Zootopia, this anime gives us a more indepth look to what an Anthropomorphic civilization could look like. It includes realistic events, such as an animal black market, that  make sense in this civilization. The thematic story of good versus evil runs in every episode and simply gives you chills. You come to love these characters as one can relate to them as they question the purpose of life. Where do I belong? What is true love? What is truly evil?  

You can never be bored. The opening of each episode is a highlight that impacts the whole series. Accompanying a stop motion of Haru and Legosi in a night of full moon, the song Wild Side by Japanese band the ALI Project hypes up the viewer. The opening presents the conflict that Legosi and Haru continue to have with their own emotionand towards each other. While introducing each episode, it also entertains  the viewer.   

Having become very popular since its release, many viewers were hoping for a second season to breleased soon. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce if there will be a Season two.

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