UTEP Athletics gives tips on physical fitness during pandemic

Through social media, the department of Strength and Conditioning has been showcasing workouts that athletes and nonathletes can do at home.

Illustration by Claudia Hernández

Through social media, the department of Strength and Conditioning has been showcasing workouts that athletes and nonathletes can do at home.

Isaiah Ramirez, Staff Reporter

The coronavirus pandemic has brought all sports to a halt at the professional and college level.  Many of us that are not involved in athletics but are looking to stay in great physical condition are looking for other ways to stay active.

With most athletic facilities closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, our ability to stay in shape now relies on alternative forms of workouts to support our strength and conditioning.

“The biggest issue right now is most of the gyms are closed, so you have to get creative,” said Kevin Schadt, UTEP Athletics director of strength and conditioning.

Traditional workout equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, treadmills, and cables must now be replaced with resistance bands and bodyweight exercises such as burpees and pushups.

“I’m super fortunate because I have weights and dumbbells and I get creative so the workouts that I would normally do at the weight room I just do here at my house,” said Andrea Lucero, UTEP women’s track and field junior.

Creativity comes into play now that many individuals do not have access to their workout equipment, so being in your house 24/7 does not mean you will lose out on staying in shape.

“You can do things you may have never thought of such as step ups on a step at your house or you could do box jumps or run on the stairs at your house,” Schadt said.

Through social media, Schadt and the department of Strength and Conditioning have been highlighting workouts that athletes and nonathletes can take part in while the “Stay Home Order” is in effect in El Paso.

“One of the things as a department in strength and conditioning hasn’t had a chance to do a lot of is social media outreach because we are always so busy but now, we have some time,” Schadt said. “Now we have a chance to get into it a little bit more and I think it’s a cool opportunity to be able to provide some ideas and give people options.”

Social media can also play a part in how, during these times, alternative workouts can be accessed and implemented into someone’s physical routine through video tutorials.

“When I first started trying to figure out what workouts to do, I was looking up videos on YouTube or looking on Pinterest,” Lucero said. “I was trying to look up a bunch of home workouts. I would recommend bodyweight workouts, my go-to workouts are squats and pushups because they are really beneficial.”

The current pandemic may halt our everyday routines. However, the ability to stay in great physical shape can still be attained with a goal oriented mindset and determination to overcome obstacles.

“Whenever there is adversity, there is opportunity and you just have to look for it.” Schadt said. “I think just getting out for 20 to 30 minutes to an hour a day is really going to increase your energy and mood especially during this time.”

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