How the El Paso community is staying positive during this crisis


Illustration by Hugo Hinojosa

This is how El Paso residents are remaining positive during this crisis.

Jaqueline Martinez, Staff Reporter

Light is being shined throughout the community amid the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic through acts of kindness toward the affected, sidewalk art and funky yard decorations for daily strollers, recycled trash turned into treasure and enriching activities for pet owners. This is how El Paso residents are remaining positive during this crisis.

‘El Paso Strong’ tree wearing mask brings ‘lots of smiles’ during pandemic

On the intersection of Glengarry Avenue and Turrentine Drive in East El Paso near Cielo Vista Mall, homeowner Rene Rosales has decorated his front yard tree with a face mask to provide local residents and strollers with a laugh.

El Pasoans band together in Facebook group to celebrate graduating high school seniors

This Facebook community has joined together in these difficult times for graduating high schools students, encouraging participants in the group to adopt a high school senior and celebrate their achievements through a gift basket. Do you want to lift the spirits of a student? Join the Facebook group.

The Humane Society of El Paso offers tips on how to keep your fur babies active

The Humane Society of El Paso has closed its doors to the public, but their fur babies are still in need of mental and physical care — just like everyone else’s pet. The organization has offered ‘Enrichment activities,’ on their Facebook page, with daily activities and read throughs that can also keep yourself and your pets entertained during quarantine.

Green Hope Project presents “Metamorphosis: Turning Trash into Treasure”

The Green Hope Project presents the art series Metamorphosis: Turning Trash into Treasure. As residents are forced to remain homebound, Green Hope Project will be showcasing the amazing art work that was submitted by students throughout the city at 2-3 p.m. April where the Recycled Art Awards ceremony and exhibit will be taking place live on Zoom, which will include prize giveaway opportunities for those who virtually attend.

Residents take to the sidewalks with chalk

After the City of El Paso and El Paso County both issued joint stay-at-home orders, some residents have been expressing their artistic skills through sidewalk chalk art. Local television station KTSM did a callout on Twitter for pictures of some of these creative pieces.

Super Pink Moon,’ biggest and brightest of 2020

On Tuesday, April 8 the world witnessed the brightest night of 2020. The sky was lit by the “Super Pink Moon,” with delicate orange and yellow hues, emitting 100% illumination at its peak. El Paso native, Vladimir Avina recorded a brief time lapse that depicts the full moon rising above the Las Cruces, Organ mountains.

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