UTEP to host annual career fair


Courtesy of UTEP

The University Career Center (UCC) will host its annual Career Fair from Feb. 6-7 at the Union Building East.

Anahy Diaz, Contributor

The University Career Center (UCC) will host its annual Career Fair Feb. 6-7 at the Union Building East, where students looking to expand on their career endeavors will have the opportunity to network with employers and learn about internships and full-time jobs.   

With more than 80 employers visiting the UTEP campus to recruit potential employees, UCC will divide its career fair to accommodate the university’s different colleges. On Feb. 6, the fair is structured with a business and liberal arts concentration, while Feb. 7, it will have an engineering and science focus.   

However, UCC Director Betsabe Castro says all students are welcome to stop by and experience the event. Castro stressed the importance of attending events like these, as the career fair offers the opportunity for students to put their resume to action, ask questions, meet new companies and, of course, network.   

“They are looking to speak to as many students as possible to see if the student is interested in working for them and if their education, skills and experiences are a good match for their organization,” Castro said. “Students need to understand that employers have hiring cycles, similar to football season. There are time frames when they go out and look for talent.”   

Aside from talent, Castro says employers are also looking for allaround presentation, which is why students should come prepared. This includes looking at the list of participating employers in advance, bringing copies of their revised resume wearing professional attire. Luckily, Castro says UCC can help with all of this.   

Students can access the list of employers by visiting utep.edu/careers, where they can also find more information about the positions employers are looking to fill. Such as the CIA, which is offering internship positions; Texas Instruments, who is looking to hire full-time and part-time employees; and the University of Texas System Administration, whose positions vary from accounting to human resources internships.   

“Having the distinction of being an R1 institution further elevates our students,” said Castro. “In addition, UTEP students are unique in that many work and go to school at the same time so they are attuned to the demands that a professional position brings. Simply residing in a binational community also sets them apart.”  

UCC also acknowledges that a structured resume sets students apart. This is why the institution’s department encourages students to bring their freshmen resume to their office for review. UCC will also host a resume clinic in the days leading up to the fair, but it is recommended for students to not wait until the week of the fair as the waiting time may increase.   

“We partner with UTEP alumni and the El Paso Society of Human Resource Management for the resume clinic, but the demand is usually high during that time,” Castro said.    

Finally, UCC helps students dress the part. The Career Closet, located at UCC, is open to all students looking for a professional attire to wear on the days of the Career Fair.   

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so prepare your attire the night before,” Castro said.   

UCC is scheduled to host Navigating a Career Fair Jan. 30 at the Union Building West, where students will be able to learn what to do before, during and after the event, as well as gain help on their elevator speech. Other upcoming events include workshops that dive into subjects like developing a curriculum vitae, finding internships, preparing for graduate school and mastering an interview, among  others.  

“Too often students simply focus on going to class and getting to their part-time job, and lose sight of the why,” Castro said. “Why am I enrolled at the university?’ I hope it is to learn and be part of an educated community, but also to be gainfully employed in a career that sparks your curiosity. Attending events like this one will add a perspective that you may not already have.”  

For information about the career fair and the schedule of upcoming events hosted by UCC, visit utep.edu/careers.   

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