Local axe-throwing range offers a unique way to ‘Relaxe’


Glenda Avalos

Relaxe offers a new way of relaxing — axe throwing!

Anahy Diaz, Contributor

Instead of throwing darts or playing typical poker games, Relaxe offers a new and exciting alternative for residents to enjoy — axe throwing.  

Located at 808 Montana Ave., Relaxe offers customers a way to blow off steam and enjoy beer that they bring on their own. The idea is to offer everyone an exciting way to let go of day-to-day stress.   

“It’s basically a place to come in and throw axes safely,” said Julian Huerta, owner of Relaxe. “Drink some beer, have some fun with your friends and just basically relax. It actually is pretty enjoyable.”  

After returning from a family trip to California in 2018, where he had the opportunity to visit an axe throwing range, Huerta was inspired to bring the idea to the Sun City. A year later, Huerta opened up Relaxe to the public.   

“Primarily, I’m trying to offer something else to do,” Huerta said. “We do have a lot of bars in El Paso, which is great, but as you get a little bit older you kind of want to have different options that can kind of be physical and fun. You can still have your beer and it’s good fun for all ages.”  

Before hitting any target, Relaxe employees teach customers how to properly throw an axe to avoid any injuries and ensure they nail the bullseye. This includes being on stand-by at all times.    

“We maintain a good presence here,” Huerta said. “We’re watching, making sure people are throwing correctly, not too hard; and we’re making sure everyone stays within a good safe level of inebriation.”  

With six lanes named after popular streets in El Paso, such as Don Haskins, Glory Road and Scenic Drive, Relaxe has plenty room to host special events.   

This includes team building exercises, corporate events and even divorce parties.   

In the case of a divorce party, the business helps lighten the mood by projecting wedding videos onto the bullseyes for the party group to throw axes at.   

“We do have theme nights,” Huerta said. “You can bring a picture of your ex on Valentine’s and we’ll actually project it onto the wall. All of those types of things you can have a party for, here.”  

Open from Wednesday through Sunday with a fee starting at $20, Relaxe welcomes walk-ins but encourages customers to go on its website, relaxeptx.com, to book their visit and ensure they don’t miss out on the fun.