OPINION: It’s time to party like it’s 1969 in Kansas City


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Isaiah Ramirez, Staff Reporter

For the first time in 50 years the Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl and for Chiefs nation the hope is that the result is the same as the one in 1969 and that’s with a win 

This version of the Chiefs may be the best chance it has to take home the Lombardi Trophy in Miami. 

 I see the Chiefs taking down the 49ers and Gucci Garoppolo (shout out to Bleacher Report), winning its second Super Bowl, but it won’t be easy. 

If you’ve watched any Kansas City Chiefs game the past two seasons, you may have noticed a stocky guy playing quarterback and wearing number 15 making unbelievable plays. You might have just seen him in State Farm commercials, which is fine, too. 

That guy’s name is Patrick Mahomes the defending National Football League Most Valuable Player and he’s a once in a generation type talent throwing for 76 touchdowns in his two seasons as a starter.   

Mahomes has thrown eight touchdowns and zero interceptions during this playoff run and has an exceptional 131.5 quarterback rating. The offense goes the way he goes and after rallying the team from a 27-0 deficit in the divisional round game versus the Houston Texans to win 51-31, I became a firm believer that this team has what it takes to make a Super Bowl run with Mahomes under center. 

Patrick Mahomes is just unstoppable now and can get things done on the ground rushing for 103 yards this postseason and even a strong defense in the 49ers will not be able to stop the curly-haired wizard from doing whatever he wants on the gridiron. 

Mahomes has never lost a game by more than seven points as a starter and I don’t see Kansas City losing this one. 

Mahomes is not the only reason the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl; it’s the supporting cast around him such as wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins, who combined for 181 receiving yards versus the Titans in the AFC Championship game and three touchdowns. 

Hill is arguably the fastest receiver in the league and Watkins is at times a nightmare for opposing defenses 

The Chiefs will be going up against the best passing defense during the regular season in the 49ers that allowed just 169 passing yards per game. The good news for the Chiefs is that it has the best receiving core in the postseason and was top 5 during the regular season averaging 293 yards per game. 

One major question is the Chiefs defense and the 49ers has the best rushing attack in the league with running back Raheem Mostert coming off a stellar 220-yard four touchdown performance in the 49ers dominating win over the Packers in the NFC Championship game. 

The Chiefs held NFL rushing leader Derrick Henry to just 69 yards in the AFC Championship game and it will need to bring up another smothering defensive outing against the 49ers if it wants to walk out of Miami with a W.  

Final Score: KC 28 SF 24 

MVP: Patrick Mahomes 

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