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Hired at Microsoft, graduate advises to start early

Claudia Hernandez
Hao Tien Moy Torres will be graduating this Fall 2019 with a BA on computer science.

Transitions can be uneasy times. Sometimes, the path and goals we expect to meet are not the ones we ultimately achieve. That was the case for Hao Tien Moy Torres, graduating this December majoring in computer science.  

Like many others at the border, Moy, a 21-year-old Chinese descendant, was born in El Paso and raised in Ciudad Juárez. He went to school for most of his life on the Mexican side of the border before transferring to the United States to study in a small, private high school.   

“My father gave me that name just to keep with the tradition of naming your children with Chinese names,” Moy said. 

He grew up in a family where there was not a lot of money and his goal was always to come to the U.S. to study something related to engineering or law in order to eventually support his family.   

“My mom has always been a hard worker. She is the one I’ve always looked up to the most when it comes to that,” Moy said.  

Growing up in a family where he was taught about hard work and dedication inspired him to pursue a computer science degree.  

“Not only is she hardworking, but I’ve also benefited from her hard work. Nothing that I own or have or know today would be possible without her … She has been my biggest influence in my life and it’s just inspiring to me the lack of ego and the lack of self-benefit that she demonstrated when she was taking care of me.”  

His path in college started with a psychology major which, at the time, Moy thought would be the one that could get him to accomplish his goals.   

“I was not to be a computer science major at first; I wanted to go into law. I was very interested in law school, so I made a little bit of research and I found out that psychologists and philosophers are usually the ones who score highest on the LSAT, so I decided to start as a psychology major,” Moy said. “After a semester, I was tired of it. Psychology was not my thing, I have always been attracted to engineering and, at the end of the semester, I changed my major and I fell in love with the craft of computer science.”  

Last summer, Moy had the opportunity to intern for Microsoft. It changed the course of his future and it became one of his biggest accomplishments.   

“I guess my proudest accomplishment is my return offer with Microsoft. I plan to return with them after graduating,” he said. “It has always been my goal. I came to the U.S. with the plan of taking care of my mom and supporting my family and this opportunity is going to give me a chance to do that.” 

After looking back at his path in college, he regrets not starting off with a computer science major and not taking some of his classes more seriously. 

He also mentioned that, after graduating, he would like to improve as a person and learn to be more flexible when it comes to changing his mind about things. 

“A lot of engineers have a big ego,” Moy said. “We feel like we can explain everything, or we know everything, and I think that is something I really need to improve on.”   

In the next 10 years, Moy plans to give it his all at Microsoft and, after gaining some years of experience, opening a business on his own related to computer science.   

Moy said he is relieved to graduate, even though he knows that he is going to miss it in two years when reminiscing about being with friends and his time at UTEP.  

For all those who are still in college and to those who are about to start, Moy recommends starting early.   

“Whatever it is, just start early. Start looking for opportunities even if you think that you don’t deserve them,” Moy said. “Do I think that I deserve to be in Microsoft? Not entirely. When I was over there, I met a lot of brilliant people, but at the end of the day, they made me understand that I was there for a reason and the same thing goes to everyone who is seeking a job. You are seeking a job for a reason and you deserve it, so just start early and give it as much as you can.”  

Maria Salette Ontiveros may be reached at [email protected] 

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Maria Salette Ontiveros is a Graduate Student in The University of Texas at El Paso mastering in Arts of Communication. She contributes at The Prospector as a photographer. She has a Multimedia Journalism Degree with a minor in Creative Writing. She hopes to become a social media manager or join the field of broadcast  covering news,  entertainment, and sports. She plays professional basketball in Ciudad Juarez and likes to play volleyball as a hobby.
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Hired at Microsoft, graduate advises to start early