SGA in brief: Nov. 14 meeting


Sasha Minjarez, Contributor

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Catie McCorry-Andalis had a special announcement to make during UTEP’s Student Government Association meeting Thursday, Nov. 14.  

During her advisor’s report, McCorry-Andalis made an announcement of tremendous proportions for the College of Engineering and UTEP. $70 million in funding has been approved by the University System Board of Regents for the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace at UTEP.  

“In my 15 years, we have not gotten that from the regents,” McCorry-Andalis said.  

“Everybody looked really happy today in the office. We’re all excited to have this wonderful news,” said Sen. Dante Gutierrez of the College of Engineering, adding that he might even stay at UTEP for his masters because of it.   

First responder appreciation efforts 

During the President’s report, President Jessica Martinez expressed gratitude to the Excellers for their efforts in helping with the tabling for the appreciation notes that are being dedicated to our public safety agencies for First Responder Appreciation Day.  

Martinez also announced that Sherriff Richard Wiles will be an honored guest at the appreciation luncheon being held Tuesday, Nov. 19.  

Stimulating the student body 

Vice President Amey Gomez touched on amplifying strategizing efforts such as marketing for special events so that they prove to be successful. Moving forward, she says she expects the senate to inspire and ignite energy of the student body.  

“This is our administration and we’re going to make the most of it. We’re going to have the student body make the most of it too. We’re all in this together,” Gomez said.  

Special projects: AIDS day  

World AIDS Day at UTEP was approved for Monday, Dec. 2. Although it’s typically commemorated on Dec. 1, that day lands on a Sunday, so events have been pushed to the following day.  

The planning for the event had been stagnant until SGA decided to take the lead and proceed in the tradition of its advocacy.  

Decorations of the symbolic red ribbon will be displayed in solidarity along with a large illuminated ribbon as the focal point, fashioned out of red colored bags, sand and LED candles.  

The budget for these resources will be presented this upcoming weekThe event will serve as a safe space for students with an open discourse and available information about safe sexcontraceptives and HIV testing.  

Various organizations within UTEP will be participating in this event including the Women’s and Gender studies and Chicano Studies programs. Outside organizations are also being contacted, including La Fe Clinic, Centro San Vicente, Aliviane and MFactor. Senator Matthew Garcia offered to sponsor the project since he’s given related presentations for the Health and Wellness Center.   

Food donations 

Advisors announced that UTEP’s food pantry will be preparing holiday baskets to gift to students who may benefit.  

Last year, a basket was given to a student who was supporting a family of 12.  

Students can sign up to sponsor a student to receive a basket starting noon Monday, Nov. 18, in the dean of student’s office for the sake of confidentiality. 

Meeting with deans 

In SenNakul Karle’s collegiate report, he announced he met with Stephen Crites, the dean of UTEP’s Graduate School, who said he has many new plans for graduate students that are being finalized.  

Sen. Ryan Floresca met with the dean of the College of Science to discuss his undergraduate curriculum proposal. They are still working on the logistics of how it is to be implemented.   

Appointees, SGA positions available 

Victoria Bernal, freshman, was appointed Prosecutor and Jacob Quiroz as Legislative Assistant to Sen. Matthew Garcia.  

“I applied for SGA because I want to become a lawyer one day and I really think this could help me out and give me experience for the future,” Bernal said 

There is one new applicant for Supreme Court Justice and SGA currently needs applicants for Traffic Court Justice, interested applicants can apply through Mine Tracker.  


  • The budget for the Women Empowerment project was approved for $200. The asking price is meant to cover food expenses as well as the service fee for the self-defense instructors who will be offering their services for the event. It was noted that compensation for the service is acceptable since the instructors aren’t acting as vendors, but as advocates to the students.    
  • A budget of $240 was proposed for Thanksgiving special event scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 26 in which SGA members will hand out pie while students get the opportunity to express what they are grateful for. The budget would cover expenses for pumpkin pies, whipped cream, utensils and napkins, as well as construction paper and sharpies for the notes of gratitude.  

The budget, however, is still being deliberated and will be tabled until next week’s senate meeting since the recent cold weather had not yet been considered and plans may have to be redirected.  

McCorry-Andalis said that, through the Mine Tracker system, the resources for these changes may be facilitated provided the request is submitted in a timely manner. Since a two-week advanced notice is required for the approval, there is a possibility that the event will have to be postponed.     

Ten bills were solved during this meeting and there is $2,000 remaining for the budget this semester.   

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