LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Everything is political


Dominique Huerta

To the Editor: 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we should take opinions lightly.  

There was an opinion published in The Prospector on Oct. 22. The opinion contained harmful rhetoric that was insensitive to marginalized communities. 

In the opinion, “Swamped with politics in food, sports and Hollywood” by Luis Hinojos, it was mentioned how politics should stay out of the kitchen, Monday Night Football and our guilty pleasures. However, everything is political.   

Hinojos cited a Washington Post article on how the CEO of Chick-Fil-A has openly been anti-gay marriage. There are some contradictions in Hinojos’ opinion.   

First, he states that boycotting this “chicken giant” does not affect the business, but the consumer. Then he goes on to say that boycotting Chick-Fil-A, in support of LGBTQ+ equality rights, would result in the loss of profits for the company consequently closing its doors.   

If boycotting Chick-Fil-A results in the loss of profits that ultimately gets donated to conversion therapy organizations, then I will seek other alternatives.   

Secondly, Hinojos brought up the fact that sport networks, such as ESPN, have experienced a loss of viewers throughout the years due to commentators expressing their political views.   

A couple hours of watching the exploitation of African American athletes that gets you excited does not justify the domestic violence or racism that is apparent in the National Football League (NFL).   

Personally, these issues are far more important than “friendly competition.”   

Lastly, Hinojos brings up the fact that Netflix and other parts of the film industry are boycotting the state of Georgia since they passed the “heartbeat” bill. The “heartbeat” bill limits the time for an individual to receive a legal and safe abortion.   

The capitalistic standpoint to put business over public health is dangerous.   

To be clear, it’s not the boycotting that’s hurting Georgia’s people, it’s the inaccessibility of abortion that is hurting Georgia’s people.  

Dominique Huerta  

Senior political science major