Sold-out monologue festival unites cultures


Courtesy of UTEP Department of Theatre and Dance

Students from UTEP and Tecnológico de Monterrey partnered for “Festival of Monologues” Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall.

Victoria Almaguer, Contributor

Students from UTEP and Tecnológico de Monterrey partnered for Festival of Monologues a cultural demonstration of spoken-word monologues and dance pieces on Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Fox Fine Arts Recital HallStudents from both sides of the border celebrated the arts and cultural expression. Students from both institutions also participated in workshops presented by faculty. 

“It is a festival, more than anything about partnership, about connecting to the people no matter what side of the border we live in,” says Lillian Viveros Sanchez, Theater Director from Tecnológico de Monterrey. After presenting a monologue festival at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Dr. Adriana Dominguez became interested in creating an event that showcased both institutions.  

“Earlier this year we met with the idea of making some kind of performance together,”  Viveros Sanchez said. “Dance numbers were later suggested to be included as well.” 

The box office filled with people trying to obtain tickets to be able to witness this partnership. The showcase varied with pieces that entwined history and modern political struggles through monologues, ranging from topics such as the life of Frida Kahlo to current gun control issues. 

 Audience members (saw) a variety ofmonologues that range from hilarious to extraordinarily intense. There will also be some fabulous dance pieces. So, there is something for everyone,” Dominguez said. 

For some students, this event gave them the opportunity to learn more about each other as fine art students.  

This event unified not only both schools but also both cultures, as it provided monologues in both English and Spanish for the audience.  

“I think it helps create a relationship between the countries, between the universities,”  Ana Karina Cano, Tec de Monterrey fifth-semester student, said. “Show how it doesn’t matter if we speak another language, if we come from different parts, we can create a cool art community.”  

For Senior UTEP student Bianca Taylor, it was important to write her own piece in order to express her opinion regarding gun control and to cope with the El Paso shooting that occurred on Aug. 3. 

I wrote it for the El Paso Strong Event that happened two weeks ago,” Taylor said. “There’s topics that talk about colorism and how we sometimes don’t look at other people’s issues and problems and we don’t feel like we shouldn’t step in if it doesn’t affect me, but it affects everybody.” 

The event also reunited  UTEP student Mariana Baidon with her fellow peers and previous professors at Tec de Monterrey.  

“I went to Tec de Monterrey for my high school and now I am part of the UTEP Theater Department, so it’s really interesting to see my two worlds colliding but also it helps us see how other people think and work and it is a chance to learn from each other,” Baidon said. 

Overselling their seats, the Festival of Monologues not only presented dance ensembles and monologues but presented an evening full of culture and celebration of the arts.