“It: Chapter Two” successfully horrifies moviegoers


Photo courtesy of Movie Poster

Victoria Almaguer, Contributor

Stephen King is one of the most well-known horror writers of all time. Many of his works have been adapted to films, including his iconic novel It” that became a successful movie from the 1980s and later a 2017 sensation. Argentine filmmaker Andy Muschetti brings us back to Derry, Maine in the sequel It: Chapter 2” to revisit of one of the most iconic monsters of all time: Pennywise the Dancing Clown 

This film takes place 27 years after the horrific events depicted in the first. The original seven members of the Losers Club reunite with the goal of finally ridding Derry of the Dancing Clown’s reign of terror.   

Barely remembering their traumatic childhood experiencesthe members of the Losers Club all grew up and began their careers. Bill, played by James McAvoy, became a popular writer; Beverly, played by Jessica Chastain, became a famous fashion designer who switched out her abusive father for an abusive husband; Ben, played by Jay Ryan, became a successful architect who still yearned for Beverly; Eddie, played by James Ransone, ended up working at an insurance company; Richie, played by Bill Hader, turned to standup comedy; and Stanley, played by Andy Bean, became an accountant in Atlanta. The only one who stayed in Derry was Mike, played by Isaiah Mustafa, who followed Pennywise the entire time and waited for the right time to invite his old friends back home.  

Their reunion takes place at Chinese restaurant that later becomes a place of panic and fearThe only Loser missing is Stanley because he did not want to relive the horror of encountering the clown again.   

Each “Loser” splits up to retrieve memories from their childhood to confront Pennywise. The clown attempts to fight back by isolating them and awakening their old traumaAlthough the valiant group triumphs in their pursuits, they dramatically lose a member of their club.  

It: Chapter Two showcased an impressive performance from its castBill Skarsgard once again brought Pennywise back to life, and Bill Hader did an amazing portrayal of adult Richie Tozier. Skarsgard’s talent shines in this film because of his capability to breathe life into such difficult character.  

The chemistry between young Richie and Eddie carried over to their adulthood in this filmIn the 27-year gap of the story’s plot, some characters had certain life experiences that were not explicitly depicted in the sequel. 

Under Muschetti’s direction, the suspense of King’s book was successfully translated into filmIt (2017) included scenes that frightened viewers, but its sequel is no disappointment.  

With a runtime of nearly three hours, this second part of one of Stephen King’s most iconic stories on the big screen succeeds in horrifying moviegoers.  

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