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Internships are mind-opening experiences

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Juan Corral

Starting a new semester as a college student means a couple of things: buying expensive textbooks, trying to find relatively good parking across campus and surrounding neighborhoods and wondering what you’re going to have for dinner without stressing about your last five bucks. Adding to the pile, aside from worrying about graduation, is scoring the internship you’ve been working so hard for.  

We all know the summer break ended less than a month ago, but many deadlines for the next summer internships are starting to come up, typically many are due the end of November, but some are coming up earlier.  

Although the fall semester may seem like the time to ease off the gas pedal, students, including myself, are swarming sites to find that perfect internship that will impress future employers. 

Internship opportunities can be seen as a four-leaf clover for your future. Coming to what I hope to be my senior year, I can confidently say that, although I have tackled quite a few internships myself, I still have room to learn as a journalist.  

I have been lucky enough to have numerous internships, both within our border city and outside of Texas, all of which taught me new tactics, perspectives and lessons. 

My most recent internship took me to a smaller town in Louisiana, where I was able to work alongside journalists for The Daily Advertiser. Although some may think moving away for a period of time is frightening, others, like myself, may think it’s an exciting adventure that will teach you many things. 

During my time at The Daily Advertiser I was given opportunities and stories that, as a junior at UTEP, I could only imagine covering. Given the opportunities and reassurance I received from my editor, I believe I did a good job during my stay at the paper 

One of the stories I remember covering was that of a benefit concert for the three churches that burned in the St. Landry Parish on late March, a story I could only dream of covering but had the amazing opportunity to do so. My editor had no doubt that I would be able to write a good piece on this. 

I knew at the start of my career that I wanted to be a great journalist. I also knew that would not be possible without the help of good teachers, both professors and employers alike, and good credentials under my belt. School can only teach you so much, it’s what you learn and how you apply it to your career that’ll help you grow more, not only in your profession but also as a person.  

Take the risk of opting for an internship out of town because you’ll learn a lot about yourself and how to adapt to a new culture, city, state and peopleI can continue writing about my own experiences, but I cannot share them with an audience. 

Internships should not just be viewed as a steppingstone to your career, but as another class you may be taking over the summer. Apply to as many internships possible and go in with an open mind and an enthusiasm to learn things you did not know about before. Also, remember to be open to criticism and know that everyone is there to help you; make the best of it and enjoy yourself. 

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Internships are mind-opening experiences