Annual Mindful Miner Health Fair encourages a healthy lifestyle


Claudia Hernandez

UTEP Health Fair at Tomas Rivera Conference Center Wednesday July 17, 2019.

Margaret Cataldi, Contributor

UTEP’s Department of Human Resources hosted its annual Mindful Miner Health Fair on Wednesday, July 17, at the Thomas Rivera Conference Center.

The Mindful Miner Health Fair is an event organized to give local health care providers, alongside local insurance vendors the opportunity to share information and resources about nutrition, exercise, and mindful habits that can help encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“Our goal is to provide our employees and retirees with information and resources from the community and from our UTEP departments,” Monica Ramos, the Associate Director of Human Resources said. 

“Really what we focus on is the well-being of our employees in their health, wellness, body, and mind,” she added. 

Information and resources were certainly abundant with over 60 vendors participating, ranging from local gyms, hospitals, and clinics, to nationwide insurance providers, big-name nutrition brands, and other chain wellness facilities. 

Some of the UT system vendors were among the long list of participants as well.

“This is one of our best fair, and it’s also one of our biggest,” Ramos said.

With such a successful turnout this year, Human Resources hopes to set the bar even higher next year. 

“Definitely for next year’s health fair we will hopefully strive to bring in more vendors so that we can provide more information to our employees and retirees,”Florina Barnett, the Director of Human Resources said. 

 “We also want to make sure that we review the assessment that we’re given from this health fair so that we can be cognizant of what we did right and what we can improve upon” Barnett said.