Beto O’Rourke visits the Clint Border Patrol Facility in Clint, Texas


Paulina Spencer

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke advocates for immigrants at the Clint Border Patrol Station on Sunday June 30, 2019.

Paulina Astrid Spencer, Contributor

On Sunday, June 30, dozens of people joined Democratic Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke and other local leaders at his rally at the Clint Border Patrol facility in Clint, Texas. O’ Rourke called this rally to “demand an immediate end to Trump’s inhumane policies and cruel treatment of children”. 

Many advocates from Clint and surrounding cities of Texas attended the rally to protest for migrant children held in the facility. Brian D. Carr, Ph.D., of the Behavioral Health Associates  travelled from Lubbock, Texas saying, “Lubbock supports the migrant children of Clint”. 

The Clint Border Patrol facility received the attention of many local and national leaders due to allegations made earlier this month declaring that children being held in the facility were being mistreated. 

According to Peter Schey, the lead attorney who visited the facility with a group of lawyers and advocates, the children held in the facility were in a “health crisis”. 

Diana Martinez, a member of the Coalition to End Child Detention, has been protesting all weekend is not planning to stop any time soon. “I am here to support the end of child detention at the Clint Border Patrol Station”, said Martinez, who plans to protest on Monday too. 

O’ Rourke stood with a megaphone and spoke to the crowd. He urged the people to protest against the separation of families and to “never cage another child”. O’Rourke said the country had a “chance to make it right” and he would continue to fight against the separation of families and offer help to South America.

 Although the topic of the border has been controversial over the past months, O’Rourke promises to keep fighting against “injustice”. 

O’ Rourke and company were also accompanied by President Donald J. Trump supporters opposing the rally. “What do they want, they want to put the kids in the street”, said a Trump supporter as he waved a “Trump 2020” flag. The supporter also added that President Trump “warned them they’d be separated” if they came to the country illegally.