Thank you, The Prospector

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Thank you, The Prospector

Malia Simone Green, Advertising

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I started my journey here at The University of Texas at El Paso completely alone. I had no family here in El Paso. My friends went to other schools or into military service. I cried the whole week of orientation because I was so homesick. Yikes! But I had to pull myself together and start job hunting. 

I was desperate for a job since I had no way to support myself through school. I applied for a work-study position at The Prospector my first semester. My first job ever. But this became more than a job for me. It was a place to learn new skills and prepare myself for what comes after graduation. I had so much support from my supervisor and other staff. 

At The Prospector, I got a chance to absorb the amazing world of advertising. I didn’t consider it as a career path until my senior year. My supervisor taught me the basics and so much more. I learned how to utilize the opportunities presented in front of me. My professional growth wouldn’t have flourished if I hadn’t listened to that advice. 

I lost track of all the mistakes I made on the job. I have a bad memory and I’m a slow learner. But I was still challenged to do my best and find my strengths, which makes me grateful to my supervisor’s patience and mentorship. When I applied for the Miner Ambassador program, I received nothing but support. 

When I became president for the Black Student Union, I was never told that work is more important than all my obligations as president. I received encouragement to explore my interests and to fulfill my goals as a student. I believe this is what made me so happy to work at The Prospector. I don’t know how I would have fared without that unlimited support and flexibility. The work environment is so positive and uplifting. 

I am happy and grateful for all the relationships I formed in the office. I will always cherish the connections that had I with everyone. It made my experience come full circle. I always felt so privileged to have this job. I interacted with the student body on numerous occasions and learned a lot about the importance of being able to connect to other people. 

It made me realize how influential working at The Prospector has been for me. I’m not a communications or advertising major. However, I never felt that I didn’t belong there or that my experience there couldn’t be beneficial to my own goals and interests. In my four years working there, I have learned that doughnuts and newspapers is an undefeated combination. Most importantly, I learned to always have a positive attitude in life because life will suck if you don’t.