Goodbye, UTEP. It’s been real.


Catherine Ramirez, Entertainment Editor

Alas the time has come, and where to begin? I’ve always loved writing, and I never considered a career in journalism – until recently. In the summer of 2018, I walked into The Prospector office to give real journalism a shot. It was definitely a challenge, but a challenge I enjoyed nonetheless. The biggest test I faced was the leap I took from a contributor to entertainment editor in the fall of 2018. The amount of responsibility increased by about 80 percent and it really kicked me into gear and allowed to me grow professionally.

To all aspiring student journalists, one of the biggest challenges for me was realizing as a student working for a college newspaper we might not receive the recognition or praise compared to someone from a large or local news/media outlet, but we all are equal and it’s important to remember that.

It’s not only hard for student journalists to feel respected professionally but also, it’s hard to be respected as students in all job sectors. It is important you keep your head high and remind yourself of your goals. No matter what job you take as a freshman in college or as a graduate, you will start from the bottom, but it will benefit you professionally in the long run. Although no one wants to be an intern doing dirty work, it is necessary because you network and become emerged to your industry that will eventually lead you to your goals.

Aside from all the deadlines, layouts, long production nights and re-writing headlines a thousand times – being part of The Prospector has introduced me to a new love for El Paso and the UTEP community.

From covering concerts, theatre productions, festivals, art exhibitions, feature profiles on artists, to Trump’s MAGA rally, I have found a new appreciation for this community and city all thanks to The Prospector. The events and the stories I’ve covered created a sort of bond with this city and community that I will carry with me forever, wherever I go, and I am forever grateful.   

I will admit when I attended my first semester at UTEP I was not the biggest fan of the school or the idea of college in general, but over time and after some realizations, I began to love the college experience as a whole and UTEP, in particular. For anyone wondering if they should join that club, sorority/fraternity, run for a position in SGA, or join a work study program – if you can afford it, do it. 

Spending four to five years in college sounds dreadful, but it actually flies by. I don’t really remember every late night I stayed up crying because of how frustrated I was with school, but those tears and late nights toughened me up. What I do remember are all the fun times I had at UTEP games, concerts, and other activities that brought me into the Miner community. So, get involved.

Undergraduate time is a little awkward. You feel grown, but you’re not. You feel free, but you’re not. You’re trying to figure life out and what step to take next, but it’s important to enjoy each day as much as you can because even as grown adults we will still be trying to figure life out.

Although graduation is only days away, I still have much to “figure out,” but I know that, eventually, everything will fall into place. I hope to continue my education by attending grad school and seeing what happens from there.

But before it all ends, I can’t finish without thanking those who supported me through it all – my parents, my sister, family and friends who pushed me continuously when I wanted to give up. I want to thank all my Prospy team, all 31 of them for being great coworkers and cool people. I want to personally thank Vero and Tracy for teaching me the ins-and-outs of working for a newspaper and the support they gave all semester long; your work doesn’t go unnoticed.

To all the Prospector editors, Gigi, Brianna, Ashley, Claudia, Christian, Curly and Isaiah for long production nights, budget meetings and other shenanigans that I will definitely take with me forever. You all are amazing, smart and just awesome people. I wish you all nothing but the best I know you all will succeed in all that you do.

So, to close, goodbye UTEP. For now.