SGA celebrates 100 years


Celebration of UTEP’s  Student Government Association (SGA) 100 years of service at Centennial Plaza.

Claudia Flores, Editor-in-chief

In celebration of UTEP’s Student Government Association (SGA) 100 years of service, students gathered at Centennial Plaza to join the celebration.

Food,  music and obstacle courses were provided by the student organization.

“We’re out here on this beautiful day, enjoying the weather and celebrating 100 years of  Student Government Association,” said Cristian Botello, president of SGA. “What that means to us is that it’s student governance, so students are able to govern themselves, to express their voice and opinions, and influence anything that has to do  not only with the institution but in the city and state level.”

SGA’s office is located in room 304 East Union Building.