Neon Desert Music Festival 2019 Profile Series: Jordan Taylor


Catherine Ramirez, Entertainment Editor

Local solo artist Jordan Taylor is set to perform at the ninth annual Neon Desert Music Festival on Sunday, May 26 in Downtown El Paso.

Taylor is a solo singer and considers the genre of her music as a mixture of R&B and pop.

“I suppose I would describe my music as like, my second heart. It’s honest and carries a little bit of every aspect of myself in it,” Taylor said. “The artist that I am would not exist if I did not have that variety or the ability to have the variety of genres to sing.”

The El Paso singer began singing and performing at a young age but has been creating her own music for two years.

“I was brought up in a very musical household, whether it was instruments being played, music blaring, voices singing or learning through songs,” Taylor said.

When creating music Taylor said she becomes inspired through art like poetry, inanimate objects, nature and other artists.

“I see inspiration through a lens, one that may not make sense to a lot of people but it speaks volumes to me,” Taylor said. “There’s just so much that life shows you and I basically take it all in and give something back through it (music) I guess you could say.”

Throughout her music career Taylor has worked with numerous artists such as The Swell Kids, Irie Lee, Yung Pablo and Blvkkhvrt and said she works hand-in-hand creating her music with her mentor and producer Leo Castellanos.

“Every artist I’ve worked with is part of my music making,” Taylor said. “That’s just a few from current and more to come.”

In total, Taylor has written and released 18 songs through her EP titled “The Soul” and her newly released album “SEXBLUSH.” Taylor has performed her EP and cover sets at local El Paso venues such as the El Paso County Coliseum and Lowbrow Palace but has also traveled to California and New York where she performed at places like Disneyland and Carnegie Hall.

Taylor will make her first-time appearance at the ninth annual Neon Desert Music Festival and said she is thrilled to be surrounded by all music lovers and those who have supported her through her musical journey.

“I’m extremely excited and honored to have the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome event,” Taylor said.

For information about Jordan Taylor visit her on Instagram @jordanntaaylor and to listen to her new album “SEXBLUSH” visit