SGA elections to be set this week


SGA voting results delayed due to election violations by two presidential candidates.

Ashley Johnson, Multimedia Editor

The UTEP Student Government Association (SGA) spring elections are right around the corner, where it will appoint candidates to different positions such as senator-at-large, president, vice president for external/internal affairs and collegiate senators.

Yoselin Negrete, one of SGA’s senators and election advisors, is looking forward to this semester´s upcoming elections.

“They’re fun and tiring. They will take the best out of you because you suddenly become so charismatic. You start talking to a lot of people and become a people person for at least that week,” Negrete said.

Senators are in charge of quite a few things including bill passage and policy creation. However, every position and branch intertwines and works together in order for SGA to accomplish its mission.

“I think we’re all equal and we play a vital role in the whole process,” said Issac Varela, senator-at-large for  SGA. “Here at SGA, everybody plays their part and does a good job.”

One thing the association struggles with is voter turnout. According to Negrete, last year’s election brought in about 2,000 votes. UTEP’s student enrollment is about 25,000 students.

“It’s not a lot of people, but I think there should be because it actually comes from the tuition, funding SGA. So, I think they should know where their money is going,” Negrete said.

Since there has been low voter turnout over the years, SGA’s outreach committee continually tries to advertise the elections and inform students.

They send bulletins to students through their UTEP email, as well as place banners in every college throughout campus. During election week, students can find the Union flooded with posters of the candidates, as well as other things that are SGA-based.

For this spring election, Negrete wants nothing more than a clean, fun election, as well as for students to notice each candidate’s hard work.

“Candidates, they have school, they are students, they have work, and they’re working on this super hard,” Negrete said. “I wish most people noticed, so they can vote and look at their platform. Once they are in office, they can hold all those people accountable for what they promised in elections.”

Students running for SGA will campaign Tuesday, April 2. Students will be able to anonymously vote online or at the Union Building April 3-4.

According to the election code, candidates are not allowed to disclose if they are running or the position they are running for until the elections officially begin.

Election results will be posted outside of the SGA office, the Dean of Students office, and posted on their social media April 5.