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Spring break is always fun. Whether you go on a trip by yourself, with family or friends, this week off from school is the perfect opportunity to take on a new adventure and have a good time.

However, a tip I will give is to always organize and plan ahead before your departure, especially if you´re going with some friends.

Last year my best friend and I decided to go on a small road trip to San Antonio and for the most part we had a good time, but I have to say we had some disagreements along the road.

A couple of days before our departure, I insisted we should spend a whole day in Houston, so we could visit my uncle, go to museums, stay the night and have a good time.

Since the beginning she sounded hesitant about my idea, but I insisted.

Once we made it to San Antonio, we stayed at her brother´s apartment, explored the city and for the next couple of days we had fun.

I remember that after all I convinced her to go to Houston on a Wednesday, so we could stay that night and come back the next morning to have some time for the last two days of our trip.

That day we woke up early and we drove to Houston.

After our arrival, we went to have brunch with my uncle and he insisted we should spend the night to take advantage of our day and rest for a bit.

Long story short, we made a brief stop at Galleria Mall, went to the Natural History Museum and we headed back to San Antonio.

She didn’t want to stay and I was truly pissed, not only because she didn’t want to stay, but because throughout the whole trip we had done exactly what she wanted.

Back on the road to El Paso we didn’t talk much, only when necessary, which made things very uncomfortable.

She dropped me off at home and we didn’t see each other for a good couple of weeks.

When you go on a road trip, especially with friends, it is always important to plan things out. For this trip we didn’t plan a thing (besides my suggestion of going to Houston) because she didn’t want me to.

For me, going to Houston to see my family was important. I get to see my uncle just a couple times a year and to be just three hours away from him sounded exciting. The fact that she didn’t want to stay, even after my uncle offered us his house, was complete madness to me because we drove for three hours to stay about three hours in the city and back on the road for three more.

In San Antonio, she got to see her brother and her in-laws, and I just got to see my uncle for brunch. It was very unfair to me that we could’ve stayed the night with my uncle and we didn’t because she didn’t want to.

When traveling with friends or even family it’s crucial to take in consideration what the other person wants, because you’re not only sharing the cost, you are sharing time.

Always make sure that it’s a hand-in-hand cooperation because it’s not only your trip, it’s also the other person’s.

Even after that chaotic part of our trip, we had a good time and I would go back on the road with her, but this time I would make clear that I also need have the right to spend some of our time in an activity of my preference.

So just remember to always organize, plan ahead and always take in consideration the time and suggestions of the other person for everyone to have a great experience!

Happy spring break!

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Claudia Flores, Editor-in-chief
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