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You can buy everything but love


People say money can’t buy happiness, but even when money can give the brief satisfaction of materialism, nowadays I see cases where people, through money, pretend to fall in love or make someone believe they’re in love.

One of my closest friends recently met a guy. He has a good job and even when I haven’t met him, I can tell he seems to be a cool and responsible guy based on what she says about him.

When my friend told me she liked this new guy, I began to ask questions of how this guy had stolen my friend’s heart and as she talked about him I couldn’t stop thinking: you love what he gives you, but you don’t seem that into him.

With only two months of getting to know each other this guy has given her the world.From taking her on a trip to Disneyland and Guadalajara and staying in nice hotels, to fine dining and buying her jewelry.

This new guy treats her like a queen­—and don’t get me wrong, because my friend totally deserves to be treated like one. I’ve known her for more than 10 years and knowing about her previous relationships where his last partner didn’t have all these things to offer, I can’t get the thought that guy might be buying her love with things.

For me, love comes first. You build a relationship and get to know the person you want to be with and after you have a strong base together, you can travel the world, get married have a family etc. but always after building that strong foundation.

Before my eyes, my friend is dating a stranger who wants to mesmerize her with things that in the end have no value if there’s not an emotional bond between them.

Everyone has a different way to approach love and that’s OK, and if this guy’s way of making her fall in love with him is through expensive items, that’s great, but in times where there’s a money shortage, where’s the love?

On one side I’m excited for her because she’s getting treated in a great way, but I worry as I’m fully convinced she’s not in love with this guy. She might fool some, even him, but not me.

The guy was previously married, not for very long, but he was.  I see in my friend’s eyes that she knows things are moving way too fast. I can tell this guy wants to settle down already, have a wife and children, and due to the pace of his actions—it seems that he thinks he can get her to stay with him and he buys her things.

Having money to impress someone can work, but it doesn’t mean this will create an emotional bond that will make them love you,.If it does, it won’t last long.

I believe that if you really want someone to fall in love with you, you have to be completely transparent—not only with the person you like, but with yourself, too. If someone is the right person for you, you don’t have to buy expensive things to impress them. Your personality, sense of humor, talents and all your abilities will do the job for you because that’s what love is supposed to be. To love someone for who they are and not for what they have is the true meaning of the word.

Love is something that comes with time, no one falls in love from one day to the next. Love is built day by day, working things out as a couple and not with expensive gifts or wonderful trips.

I will always wish her the best and she knows how much I care about her. I hope she opens her eyes to see that it might be better to get to know this guy better before saying yes to everything he says because of the material things he can offer.

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Claudia Flores, Editor-in-chief
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You can buy everything but love