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If Trump’s smart, he’ll let it go


After a 35-day partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump agreed to reopen the government for three weeks until Feb. 15 and promised back pay to all employees who did not receive paychecks.

The partial shutdown has already cost the economy an estimated $11 billion and Trump said that another shutdown is still an option. 

If he agrees to another shutdown, he must be mental. I understand holding your stance on something you want or believe in, but this is getting out of hand. Hundreds of thousands of government employees lost out on two paychecks just because he is not getting what he wants. 

There was no need to put that many people out of work for that long just for a border wall that is not necessary. I would be more understand if we, as a nation, were being physically threatened, but we aren’t.

If he wants to keep people out of the U.S., he needs to bump up the budget for border security because the majority of people entering the U.S. are coming over legally.

Yes, there are people who cross over illegally and enter where there is no wall, but the majority of them are physically walking up to the border and claiming asylum.

Does he care to know this? No, because he refuses to back down from the rallying cry that got him elected, “build the wall.”

Every move he makes is fueled by a desire to show the world he holds power. He is constantly flaunting his power and abusing it in every way possible—like the shutdown.

Our president didn’t get what he wanted (the funding for his wall) and he threw a temper tantrum and shutdown the government, and it disrupted so many families lives financially. But they say a woman can’t be president because her emotions might start a war?

When the shutdown enters Trump’s mind, I’m sure all he thinks is “I’m standing up to the democrats and I’m not budging. I’m getting my wall.”

For the government employees who went without a paycheck and those who had to work and still not get paid, he probably thinks “What’s the big deal without a paycheck or two? They should all have savings.”

As leader of our nation, he fails to understand his citizens’ struggles and even fails to consider them as human beings, and he showed this by closing the government in a 35-day shutdown.

Sure, losing out on two paychecks doesn’t sound completely terrible, but for the majority of those who were out of work, it was financially damaging. Those living in the lower and middle class felt the result of losing out on two paychecks. Most feel the impact of one paycheck. 

Many of those government employees did have to take out a loan to pay their bills, putting them even more in debt and experts say that many of their credit scores went down into the “poor credit” range.

Now, Trump has promised to pay back those hundreds of thousands of government employees, but has not stated when and continues to threaten with another possible government shutdown

As a daughter of a government employee, it was hard to watch, and even more frustrating, to hear Trump continue to threaten with another shutdown for something that is not necessary.

Trump needs to build his own wall and get over the fact that he is not going to win this war.

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If Trump’s smart, he’ll let it go