X Projects presents “EQUIS” exhibition by Berlin curators


Glenda Avalos, Contributor

X Projects presented their first gallery named “EQUIS” featuring local-based artists Jan. 25 at XOLO gallery, 2812 N. Piedras St.

X Projects is a cultural event production house based in El Paso, that is searching to foster local talent and create more artistic and cultural events in order to bring interesting programming and enrichment experiences to the El Paso community. 

Encouraged  to expose the art of the people from Berlin, Elizabeth Hinojos and Marie Gailey decided to create “EQUIS,” an exhibition that exposes the artwork of cultures and paintings from the different young emerging artists from El Paso and Juárez.

“X” is the representation of what the El Paso-Juárez community is, said Gailey, X Projects organizer. The exhibit, she said, represents an interchanging relationship that meets in one place — the intersection where art, music and performance can meet and express the identity of the community.

Hinojos, X Projects curator, and Gailey are Berlin-based freelancing artists that dedicate their work to performance and the music industry. The pair devoted three weeks in El Paso to create “EQUIS.”

“Create whatever space to what you want it to do, rather than fitting it into institutions that are already set up,” Gailey said. 

Hinojos said the idea of the curation came from works that she saw online from fellow artists’ web pages and social media. The idea of helping artists expose their work to inspire their community, is the way art pieces inspired her and motivated her to produce EQUIS. 

“I´ve seen a lot of the art here, not because there are spaces for it, just because I know people individually who produce their work,” Hinojos said. 

“EQUIS” wants to create an interaction of stories that manifest in the daily life of those living on the border, by the printmaking, sculptures, ceramics, textiles and painting. The artwork hopes to represent the constant questions about preserving  identity in the community. 

Artist Jeanette Ramirez said that seeing her work in “EQUIS” is a huge honor since she hasn’t had an exhibit in a long time, but being a part of this gallery and being exposed with other talented artist makes her feel proud of her work. Ramirez’s inspiration for her artwork mainly comes from her surroundings.

“The environment is what inspires me. What surrounds me from nature to people I engage with, is what mainly made me become a better artist,” Ramirez said.

According to organizers he goal of “EQUIS” is to express to the community that everything is possible if you break down the very walls that you formed in your mind. 

Exploring this art exhibit, spectator can appreciate the different perspective of the border community that manifest through the vision of each of the artists. 

“EQUIS” will be run from Jan. 25 to Feb. 8 in the installations of XOLO gallery. X Projects will offer workshops Feb. 2 and 3. For information or collaborations, visit www.xprojects.xyz.