Super Bowl LIII Predictions: Prospector picks for Patriots vs Rams


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Super Bowl 53 is set as the New England Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams in what looks to be a highly contested matchup. This will be the third straight year the Patriots reach the big one while the Rams have not been to the Super Bowl since 2002 when they were defeated by New England in what would be the franchise’s first Super Bowl win. Heading into Atlanta Georgia here’s the Prospector Sports picks on who is taking home the Lombardi Trophy as well as the Super Bowl MVP.

Isaiah Ramirez-

New England Patriots 35, Los Angeles Rams 21

The last time the Rams were apart of the big one they were introduced to a young backup quarterback named Tom Brady. Seventeen years later the G.O.A.T. has captured five Super Bowl rings, four Super Bowl MVP awards, three NFL league MVPs , and recently trolled his haters on Instagram. If that’s not a first ballot hall of fame career I don’t know what is. The Patriots have reached nine Super Bowl’s in 17 seasons and when the confetti comes down in the ATL it will be in red, silver, and blue. For most of the season, I believe the Rams had the most potential to capture the Lombardi. Behind a stellar running back in Todd Gurley, the best defensive player in the NFL in Aaron Donald, and a brilliant head coach in Sean McVay the winning formula was evident. After watching the NFC championship where Gurley ran for 10 yards on four carries and were abysmal through the first quarter my mindset changed. New England has an offense that will see Brady clicking with Edelman and Gronk who both combined for 175 receiving yards on 13 receptions, and throw that in with the exceptional running game of Sony Michel who rushed for 113 yards in the AFC Championship game, it’s a tough one-two punch. 

Although it may sound like it, I’m not going to be ecstatic when the Pats capture their second championship in three years. I’m almost certain it will happen. For the sixth time the Patriots will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and Brady will be hoisting his fifth Super Bowl MVP. 

Daniel Mendez

New England Patriots 31, Los Angeles Rams 28

It’s hard to go against the greatest quarterback and coach duo who are making their ninth appearance in the big game with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. They have redemption on their mind after losing last seasons big game. But the question is do they pull it off against the Rams? The Rams who have been built as a super team in the off season making big splashes to the defensive end that has paid dividends. Signing defensive lineman Ndamukong Sugh, trading for corners Aquib Talib and Marcus Peters while resigning one of the best defensive tackles in Aaron Donald. The Rams have an explosive offense, but it’s the defense that has to come and disrupt Brady if the Rams want to pull off the w. 

Brady has not been sacked at all this postseason. Los Angeles will need to change that if they want to leave Atlanta holding the Vince Lombardi trophy. 

As much as I want to pick the Rams I found myself leaning toward New England. Brady will make a game-winning drive and crush the Rams spirit like he did when he won his first Super Bowl ring in 2002. I hope I’m wrong and Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips calls the perfect game that gives the Rams the win, but since I had to pick its Tom Brady proving to everybody that he’s the greatest of all time. 

Michael Cuviello-

New England Patriots 37, Los Angeles Rams 31

The old guard New England Patriots and Tom Brady make their ninth Super Bowl appearance under Bill Belichick versus the Sean McVay helmed Los Angeles Rams.

This matchup features the most experienced Super Bowl coach in NFL history versus the youngest coach to appear in a Super Bowl.  Belichick has a record of five wins and three losses as a head coach as well as two super bowl wins as a defensive coordinator. His ring collection would make Thanos jealous. Sean McVay just turned 33 years old and was the youngest head coach ever hired in the NFL at 30. McVay is a very innovative coach that has teams already looking to hire disciples  to lead their team.

Offense: Both teams have top level offenses ranked in the top five of the league. The Patriot’s main weapon is their short passing game to set up bigger play using Julian Edelman and their running backs underneath at every chance to set everything else up. The Rams approach begins and ends using Todd Gurley in all facets of the game to wear opponents down. I give the patriots the advantage because they have Tom Brady and he uses every weapon to attack the other team.

Defense: Neither team has a particularly strong defense. The Patriots are ranked 21st and the Rams are ranked 20th overall in the league for defense. The big factor for both teams is they create turnovers and are both ranked top five in the league in creating turnovers especially intercepting the opposing quarterback. The pass rush of the Rams is stronger so I give an advantage to the Rams.

My prediction: Two factors make New England the clear favorite in this game to me. The experience of Belichick and Tom Brady. They are arguably the greatest coaching QB duo to ever step on the field and against a young coaching staff they will do more with overall talent.

A three-touchdown game for Brady will garner him his fifth MVP and place him into the rare company of being the only player with six Super Bowl rings.