Let’s Chica Chat: A new space for entrepreneur women in El Paso


Glenda Avalos, Contributor

On Thursday, Jan. 10, women from the local organization “Let’s Chica Chat” held their first gathering where more than 80 women attended.

The organization focuses on bringing together female entrepreneurs who want to make a change in their own community through networking and by encouraging other women to fend for themselves or to follow their dreams in the business area.

The idea of Let’s Chica Chat came from the inspiration of a book named “What A Party” where at the end of the book the author asks “What are you doing to improve your community?” The idea models similar groups from bigger cities such as Austin and Los Angeles. 

For the creators of Chica Chat, it was important to find the proper name for their company that would help them to transmit their inspirational message to the women of the community. 

Zoë Gemoets, president of Chica Chat and UTEP alumna said she felt a little lost about what she wanted to do for a long time. However, she felt El Paso needed a place for women to learn about supporting each other in order to be successful.

“I think as women we are very different, but I feel that just makes us stronger. Instead of putting each other down, just be that kind of girl that helps each other out if you know someone that can help someone else,” said Gemoets.

The members of the organization want to continue with this project and walk with the women of El Paso to help them and motivate them to follow their dreams.

Elizabeth Amaro, multimedia journalist and UTEP alumna, was part of the first gathering. She said that being part of Let’s Chica Chat was inspiring and an amazing networking opportunity. She met many women that have a business and talking to all of them inspired her to one day open a business of her own. In the future she is looking forward to work with Let’s Chica Chat in order to build her own business.

The organization plans to offer workshops, talks, networking events and service referrals for the El Paso community.

The workshops include activities and mini-lectures on how to create a logo, or how to look for promoters to grow a business.

The goal of the nonprofit organization is not only to create a space for women to support each other, but to help them take the first step to become an inspiration for other women in the business industry of the border region.

Anais Chavira secretary of the organization, said that last semester during the last two weeks of school her professor brought different entrepreneurs to speak, but she noticed all the speakers were only men. 

Let’s Chica Chat will offer monthly forums for women from all ages in the community. For more information, visit its Instagram @LetsChicaChat.