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So long everyone!


Working at a college newspaper can suck. The hours are long, the deadlines are short and the pay is almost non-existent.

I would not describe The Prospector—a place I have worked on and off for five years—as a fun job. But I would recommend it to any aspiring journalist.

You learn how to hold yourself accountable, assume responsibilities that you never had before and navigate the complexities of doing good journalism. It’s a life-changing experience if you take in all it has to offer.

Now that I’m done, I think about all the people that left a lasting impression on me.

For starters, the current 2018 Fall staff. This semester has not been easy. There were so many changes and difficulties that started months before the semester even began. Thank you to those who stuck around, committed and made an effort to grow as journalists.

Adrian Broaddus—long-time co-worker. In 2015, I was in dire need of a sports writer and had no encouraging prospects. Then you came in as a fresh-faced teenager, eager to learn and ready to work. You bailed me out. In 2018, after unfortunate staff changes, you stepped up and helped me co-manage the paper. You bailed me out again. Thank you for being reasonable, fun to work with and encouraging to me when I came back.

Veronica Gonzalez—Director of Student Media and Publications. I’m glad I had you as my boss for my last semester as an undergrad. Granted, that was not my initial feeling when I came back, but I am happy it turned out the way it did. The Prospector is in good hands with you at the helm. Thank you for staying positive when I was negative. Thank you for showing patience when I was at my wit’s end. And thank you for being open-minded, knowing how stubborn I can be.

Jasmine Aguilera—my first editor-in-chief. I can only imagine how annoying I was as a know it all 19-year-old sports writer when I first joined the paper. I would argue with you, assume I knew what I was talking about (even though I didn’t), and you would still sit down and go over my stories with me. You are, still to this day, the best editor I ever had at The Prospector. Thank you for always being willing to work with me.

Edwin Delgado—my first sports editor. You hired me even though I had virtually no work experience, zero clips, and little to no understanding of what the job entailed. You might not have known all of that, but my resume had little to offer. You threw me right into the fire and let me write as much as I wanted whenever I wanted. Thank you for giving me one of my first opportunities and the freedom to grow as a young sports writer.

Luis Gonzalez—former reporter/editor. No matter the position you held, you always were easy to work with. That may not seem like much, but having co-workers that take the stress away, rather compound it, is a rarity. Thank you for keeping me sane, having common sense and more importantly, being a true friend throughout the years.

Amanda Guillen—former reporter/editor. We came into the paper at the same time and I could not have been more wrong about you. I thought you were stuck up, shallow, and dumb. Now, thankful enough to still call you a friend, you have been nothing but loving, understanding, and incredibly enlightening. The responsibility you took on in the Summer of 2014 still amazes me to this day and I am glad I got to share that time with you. Thank you for always being kind to me when I could be the exact opposite.

Michaela Roman—my favorite photo editor. Hands down the most dependable person I have ever worked with at The Prospector. We covered more sporting events together than I can count and not one time did you fail to produce quality work. Your work ethic, attention to detail and restlessness always made we want to do more. It felt odd not having you at the office this semester, but it only makes me more appreciative of when we did work together. Thank you for always wanting to do the work, it was an infectious attitude that made me better as an aspiring journalist.

Kathy Flores—my former boss. I would constantly talk back to you, argue with your decisions and never waste an opportunity to complain. You could have fired me so many times, but you didn’t. You gave me the freedom to be myself and over the years letting me, be me, was a lot to deal with. I left the paper three times, but you always left the door open for me to come back as if I never left. Thank you for letting me drive you crazy and thank you for never giving up on me when I was easy to give up on.

To those who are returning to The Prospector next semester, do not waste the opportunity you have. Work hard, learn from each other, and appreciate the time you have. You will never get it back.

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About the Contributor
Javier Cortez, Staff Reporter
Javier Cortez is a staff reporter for The Prospector. He is a senior multimedia journalism major, with a minor in English Rhetoric. Javier was born and raised in El Paso, TX and before coming to UTEP in the summer of 2012, he graduated from Irvin High School, where he was a four-year varsity tennis player, a member of student council and a class officer for his graduating class. He has also worked for the El Paso Diablos as a sports information intern on their media relations team. In his spare time, Javier loves to write columns for the perspectives section in the school newspaper—whether it is sports, pop culture, religion, and society he loves to write about it. To go along with writing, Javier loves reading anything about sports, religion, and non-fiction.
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So long everyone!