The Prospector joins hundreds of publications to support National Newspaper Week


The Prospector Staff

In a time where the freedom of the press is often threatened and marginalized in our society, it’s time like these where we take a step forward as a publication and fight for our rights.

The 78th annual National Newspaper Week, held from Oct. 7-13, recognizes the service of newspapers and their employees across North America, sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers.

This year’s theme, “Journalism matters. NOW more than ever,” speaks volumes to our publication. Nationwide, newspapers are closing left and right, or solely becoming digitalized and minuscule by the day. Attacks on journalists continue to happen, whether they be verbal threats or physical harm to the journalists. In our own publication, we have dealt with budget cuts and have been asked to take down content or revise it to suppress the truth.

There is power in association, and The Prospector formally acknowledges and recognizes National Newspaper Week in order to uphold the strong ethics, principles and impact journalists continue to do on a daily basis.

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