Top websites to find your next job


Oscar Avila, Contributor


Indeed is a job search website that allows people seeking employment to search for available jobs in their cities instantly. Employers can also use the website to post open positions for hire, so it works both ways. First, start by making a free account on their website by clicking the “Sign In” link at the top right corner. There are three options for signing in like linking a Facebook account, Gmail account or simply creating an Indeed account.

After this, job seekers can upload a file of their resume, or they can build their resume on the website. Likewise, employers can provide a description of their job, review applications, manage candidates, and schedule interviews. The service is cross-platform as well, so users can hunt for work at home on a desktop, or on the go through their smart phones. Overall, the process is quite streamlined with little to no issues in terms of locating a job and formatting your resume.


Rated as the number one job search app on Android and iOS devices, ZipRecruiter makes it their mission to help people find a meaningful career. They cater to those looking to hire as well and over one million hiring businesses have used their services.

It is as simple as creating an account and uploading your resume all for free. Additionally, there are over eight million jobs to choose from, but no lengthy application process required.

Once a job seeker uploads a resume file, all that is left to do is locate an open position and apply instantly with a click or a tap. ZipRecruiter will constantly update seekers on the progress of their application without sparing any details to ensure a quality service. Eight years ago, they were a simple tool that helped small businesses distribute job postings affordably. Now, the company helps millions of people in the U.S. and U.K. find a living.


Much like Indeed, Monster is a global online employment solution dedicated to helping unemployed people in need of a job. Moreover, if a company is looking to hire more workers then Monster also offers the option to post jobs. Simply create an account, or log with either Google or Facebook, and upload a resume for companies to find when searching the website’s database. In addition, the online service offers career advice, resume services, and educational partners to help users become better candidates. Another way that this company sets itself apart from Indeed is that they offer radio advertisements for employers. The employment company has been in the business for over twenty years now so there is no doubt that they are a solid option when it comes to job hunting.


First and foremost, Craigslist is not a job search site solely dedicated to helping people find work. It is an American classified advertisements website that allows users to post hiring positions, houses and other personal belongings for sale, community events, resumes and discussion blogs. What is unique about their service is that it is strictly local and does not function on a worldwide basis. In addition, it is personalized to feature postings from the specific area it is accessed in the United States. Now there are thirty-one subcategories listed underneath the “Jobs” category on the homepage. At first, the search results including all subcategories are large to sort through, however, the results can be filtered in a side tab by checking off detailed boxes. The service as a whole targets the general American consumer and caters to a wide audience instead of focusing on one area like the job search sites.

Job Mine

The Job Mine is an online database available for students to locate and apply to on-campus jobs, internships, and part-time or professional positions. Students seeking employment can create an account using their UTEP username and a custom password of their choice.

After signing in, they fill out a personal profile and upload a resume file for recruiters to find. UTEP students can also look up hiring positions in the Jobs tab, job search and results can be filtered by adjusting the parameters located at the top of listed positions. Clicking on a post in the search results will bring up the description page, and the process is as simple as applying by uploading a resume to the employer. However, in some cases, the employer will ask for additional requirements in their applications which can only be provided by email. Overall, the Job Mine serves its purpose in assisting students with finding a job.


If you are looking for a job in the sports world, look no further than TeamWork. This website gives the user access to thousands of different sporting organizations across the world, from top office executive jobs, to entry level internships. For those that have an interest to putting their foot in the front door to become the next general manager of an organization or someone that wants to become a radio broadcaster for a team, TeamWork gives the user the best place to start looking.

TeamWork  helps  to bridge the gap between aspiring workers and the organization itself. It allows the user to create a set profile that caters to their skill-set and gives them the options to dazzle their own resume and cover letters.

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