Minerpalooza kicks off the fall semester with nostalgia and fist pumps


Gaby Velasquez

The Golddiggers perform during the pep rally at the 28th annual Minerpalooza.

Daniel Mendez, Sports Editor

UTEP hosted its 28th annual Minerpalooza to welcome students to the fall semester and kick off a new season of college football. This year’s musical guests included Volta, Orange Calderon, Drake Bell and closing headliner DJ Pauly D.

UTEP’s annual pep rally, which is held the Friday before the first football game, was held at Sun Bowl and Glory Road—right behind Sun Bowl stadium.

Abigail Guerra, senior mathematics major, has attended each Minerpalooza since her freshman year. She has found each year to be exciting. But nothing compares to her first Minerpalooza because of the brand new experience it is for incoming freshman.

“I think it’s one of those things that you should go to if your a UTEP student, especially your freshman year,” Guerra said. “Because it’s just a giant pep-rally and UTEP doesn’t really have that many. So this is the big kick-off to the school year and sets the tone for the rest of the school year.”

Samantha Rodriguez, junior kinesiology major, attended her first Minerpalooza this year. Rodriguez was not expecting the festival-like atmosphere and was amazed at how big of a festival it is.

“I was expecting something small and it to be by Centennial plaza. I was not expecting for it to be this huge,” Rodriguez said.

Attendees came out to support the top two headliners Drake Bell and DJ Pauly D. For many students, there was a hint of nostalgia as students discussed how excited they were about seeing their favorite television stars in real life.

“It’s exciting to see him (Bell) because we grew up watching him on this show and now he’s here performing live,” said Maria Kay, freshman psychology major.