UTEP football flashes new uniforms in wake of the season

Adrian Broaddus, Sports Editor

Almost two weeks until kickoff against Northern Arizona (Sept. 1), and the Miners will sport some brand new uniforms to make the team, staff members and fans excited.

The uniforms, as revealed by the UTEP equipment team, were shown in three separate color palettes: navy blue (Desert Sky), orange (Sun City) and white (White Sands).



Desert Sky (navy blue)

These navy blue uniforms poured over from last season, but this year have some noticeable twists. There’s “UTEP” in a new block font right above the jersey numbers, and a pickaxe logo at the center of the collar. The navy blue stands out as the dominant color in this uniform selection, and the shades of orange makes for a nice complimenting color. Also to note, these are the only uniforms that incorporate grey in the color scheme, as shown by the grey numbers and the grey stripes on the arms.

Combine these with: white pants on a road trip game. A navy blue top, “Desert Sky” helmet and white pants would look great on a road game for the Miners. The traditional all blue could work for a home game too.

Sun City (orange)

Fans that were unsure at first for the new orange, it’s time to jump on the wagon because these “Sun City” uniforms are killer. They take the freshest approach of the three, incorporating only subtle secondary colors in white and a very light trim of navy blue. The stripes on the shoulder resemble a Tennessee color combo at first glance, and the glossy helmet ties it all together for a great combo.

Combine these with: white pants (again). You can’t go wrong with white pants with these, especially at home games. It would also be hilarious if the Miners decided to wear all orange to Tennessee for their game on Sept. 15.

White Sands (white)

The “White Sands” uniforms are easily the cleanest gear UTEP football has to offer. The uniform design team did a fine job at using more orange in this one, especially how it pops on the sleeve. If the team has some dominant white shoes, they will be set for an all-white, Stormtrooper look.

Combine these with: orange pants for a unique twist for homecoming. It would be a clean approach and still show off the colors.