Festival Sin Fronteras seeks to unite the border with music

Claudia Hernandez, Staff Photographer

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The wait is finally over. Festival sin fronteras is making a debut at Plaza de la Mexicanidad on Saturday, May 5. The event will start at noon and over 15 bands will be performing. This event is a unique celebration of music and culture. This festival will count with two stages

The talent has arrived in Juarez and talked to the press about their trajectory and their expectations for the festival. After that, Polaris made his debut in a secret showcase at Candela Discoteque

The organizers expressed the importance of showing how music has no borders at the press conference held prior to the festival, and that is why they named the festival “sin fronteras.” They think that Ciudad Juarez is an emblematic place to show this message because of the duality between the city and El Paso.

The first edition of Festival Sin Fronteras brings Rock/ Indie internationally known musicians. The official lineup includes headliners such as Amigos Invisibles, Siddahrtha, Porter, Hello Seahorse, etc. With this, they want to attract an audience from both sides of the border.

The festival is looking to become one of the most important festivals in Ciudad Juarez.

Festival Sin Fronteras will also offer a variety of food trucks, body paint, activities and crafts. It is open to the public of all ages and tickets are now on sale at Don Boletón starting at $200.

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