Covering Your Future 2018


The entire group of participants at the end of the workshop.

On Saturday, April 28, 18 high school journalism students from Montwood, El Dorado, Parkland, Bowie and El Paso high schools, visited the UTEP campus to attend a daylong workshop given by seven student editors and staff from the Department of Student Media and Publications. The high school journalism teachers, who were former students at The Prospector, chose the sophomore and junior students to participate.

From 9 a.m. to noon, the students participated in a series of workshops, including the Feel It/Smell It Labs that worked to enhance their sensory reporting. The students were then divided into five teams, paired with one or two student editors, and given assignments to cover on campus.  They were challenged to cover their assignments and complete them in just three hours with multimedia tools.

The five events were:

  • Flora Fest at the Centennial Museum
  • Putting up the Student Art Exhibition at the Rubin Center
  • Residential Life at Miner Village
  • Student employees at the Student Recreation Center
  • Sports Podcast with graduating sports editor and reporters

Attendees were:

Parkland High School – Teacher Marilyn Aleman, former reporter

  • Priscilla Moore
  • Illona Hernandez
  • Valeria Holguin
  • Mercedes Sanchez

Montwood High School – Teacher Justin Stene, former photo editor

  • Jasmine Reyes
  • Catherine Smith
  • Alberto Silva

El Dorado High School – Teacher Vanessa Juarez-Martinez, former editor-in-chief

  • Andrea Silva
  • Iris Camarillo
  • Ariana Arredondo
  • Ashley Salazar

El Paso High School – Teacher Daniel Ornelas, former sports editor

  • Anne Elise Babel
  • Joseph Nemo Cordero
  • Sydney Truax

Bowie High School – Teacher William Vega, former sports editor

  • Katherine Villegas
  • Axel Rodriguez
  • Erick Sanchez